“Medical Cannabis: A Balanced, Evidence Based Look Beyond The Propaganda” by Meredith K. Converse

A Balanced Overview of a Controversial Issue

Medical CanWith medical marijuana so much in the news recently, this book takes a balanced look at the use of cannabis for medical purposes, from a scientific, evidence-based perspective as well as from a historical and sociological one. It examines both the scientific evidence that medical cannabis can alleviate the symptoms of various syndromes and also examines the history of marijuana, the myths surrounding it, how it has impacted society, and what its detractors say about it.

The author explains what cannabis is, how it is used medically as well as recreationally, the history of its use in other cultures and in the United States, and the history of the banning of marijuana.  Much of the book, however, is devoted to the medical uses of cannabis, including the use of synthetic alternatives and issues like addiction and the concept of marijuana as a gateway drug.  The use of medical cannabis for glaucoma, pain, nausea, seizures, multiple sclerosis and a variety of other symptoms and illnesses is covered, as is the likely future of medical cannabis, whether it will be taken over by big pharma, and what impact it might have on mainstream medicine in general.

It is rare to find a balanced and fair look at a controversial issue, but “Medical Cannabis” does just that. For anyone interested in the arguments both for and against the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, this book provide a comprehensive overview and guide.  It adeptly presents both sides of the argument, making it easier to understand this complex issue.

About the Author

Meredith K. Converse was born to an American mother and an English father in Hong Kong. Since then she has lived in many countries around the world, both for work and for study.

As both a historian and anthropologist, Meredith is fascinated with rituals around the world. She currently lives in South East Asia. Meredith is looking forward to writing for a wider audience. Her motto is “you gotta make your own fun!”

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