An Interview With Dr. Karen Gurney, Author of The Complete Career Change Program

A Unique Solution to a Common Problem Faced by Job Seekers

Karen_Profile_Business (1)Dr. Karen Gurney has s a Ph.D. focused on workforce and economic development and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). She has dedicated her life to helping others obtain career success. A career coach since 2009, she is the founder of Career IQ, and has developed unique and innovative methods for dealing with modern hiring issues.

The Complete Career Change Program™ is a new solution that helps job seekers get beyond commonly used applicant tracking systems, which are utilized by companies to screen out employment candidates.  Applicant tracking systems have been called “resume black holes” by Forbes magazine. They are notoriously error-prone, effectively blocking qualified candidates’ access to open positions.  Gurney’s unprecedented Complete Career Change Program is a method for making it past applicant tracking systems and into recruiters’ and hiring managers’ offices.

What led you to create the Complete Career Change Program? Was it a personal experience or did you come to it after working with others?

I created the Complete Career Change Program because my clients were facing 4-hour online application processes and sometimes getting immediate system rejections (meaning no one even looked at the app)! I researched it, found the problem with modern hiring systems, created and tested solutions, and my clients are getting hired.

What are the three most common issues you hear from job seekers?

How to explain previous job terminations, how to deal with being overqualified, and how to manage gaps in employment on the resume.

Besides the elements in the program, is there a single piece of advice you think all job seekers should know?

This may be disturbing but hiring is square-peg/square-hole. It is not a creative process. You have the match what the hiring systems and recruiters want to see, while being honest of course, to get a call or get hired.

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