Featured Book: New York in 3D in the Gilded Age

NYC Like You’ve Never Seen It

New York in 3d The Gilded Age on ReadersWriters JournalBe transported to New York during the Gilded Age and experience daily life in one of the world’s most vibrant cities through mesmerizing, contemporary 3D photography and exciting tales of the time.

This smart, upscale, and unique package contains 50 rarely seen stereoscopic images – including spectacular 3D views of bygone architectural marvels, as well as once-in-a-lifetime events such as the construction of the Statue of Liberty – and a paperback book that brings history to life.

New York in 3D in the Gilded Age details the rapid growth of Manhattan from 1877 to 1910, when nearly half of the millionaires in American lived in the city. Enduring structures such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Ellis Island Immigration Station, and the first skyscrapers were built during this time, culminating in the construction of the 47-story Singer Building in 1908. The 50 stereoscopic images include Coney Island lit up at night; a view of Madison Square Garden in 1900 from the top of the Flatiron Building; peddlers’ carts on Elizabeth Street in 1904; the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1880; the Ellis Island dining room in 1907; and Times Square with the New Astor Hotel in 1908.

Includes a metal stereoscopic viewer and 50 stereoscopic photographs of turn-of-the-century New York. The package also includes a 128-page paperback that provides a brief history of the stereograph craze and an overview of the city’s evolution during that time.Buy now on amazon

About the Author

Esther CrainEsther Crain is a writer and native New Yorker. In 2008 she launched Ephemeral New York, a website that chronicles the city’s past through photos, newspaper articles, art, and other artifacts. The site has been featured in The New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, and other publications.

 nyhs_logoThe New-York Historical Society, one of America’s pre-eminent cultural institutions, is dedicated to fostering research, presenting history and art exhibitions, and offering public programs that reveal the dynamism of history and its influence on the world of today. Founded in 1804, the New-York Historical Society’s museum is the oldest in New York City and predates the founding of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by nearly seventy years. Its art holdings comprise more than 1.3 million works.

Featured Book – The Vanishing by David J. Delaney

the vanishing by david j delaneyAbout The Vanishing

New Thriller Novel from Author David J Delaney. Grab a copy now for only 99c.

Detective Dean Cornell is investigating the murder of a young woman when he and his partner stumble across a second brutal murder. Hunting for the killer through the streets of Sydney he discovers another young girl has vanished, leaving a distraught father holding onto whatever hope he can.

Dean and the detectives of Sydney homicide desperately try to unfold the mystery of the dead and the missing.
Can they find the killer before another life is lost?

the vanishing99¢ on Amazon  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Reviews of The Vanishing

“David J Delaney mixes suspense and emotion to put you on the edge of your seat. You’ll have a blast reading his books.”
J. Thorn, author of The Portal Arcane trilogy

“Good luck putting down one of David’s books. He’ll have you biting your nails and turning pages for hours.”
Zach Bohannon, Amazon Top 100 Author of the Empty Bodies series

“If you like suspense or detectives who go beyond their badge to show up as real people in the books you read, you’ll enjoy this one. I’m looking forward to the second in the series already…” Amazon Reader

Meet The Author

David J. Delaney

71V5bd3qNeL._UX250_“If a story causes you to feel any one of the myriad of emotions we all possess as human beings then I’ve done my job as a writer.I’m an Irishman hailing from Dublin but now living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve come to meet people from all over the globe. I love listening and learning about others. We’ve all got a story to tell whether we write it down or not.”


Featured – Grade A Stupid by AJ Lape

Bestselling Teen Mystery is a Free Download for a Limited Time

Grade A Stupid FEATURED BOOKThe first entry in the Darcy Walker Series of Young Adult Mystery/Thrillers by A.J. Lape, Grade A Stupid is currently Amazon’s number 2 bestselling teen mystery novel. For a limited time, it is free to download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, Kobo, Smashbooks and Smashwords.

 About the Book

DARCYVILLE: Where stupidity is celebrated with a deadly dose of sin.

Fifteen years ago, Darcy Walker’s parents thought it was a good idea to give her a unique name: Darcy, meaning “dark walker.” Whether that was a stroke of genius or stroke of stupid, they definitely nailed the irony. She lacks direction, her grades stink despite a high IQ, she’s boringly average–although flirting admirers claim otherwise–and God help her, she’s infatuated with a bad-boy.

A bad-boy that her hottie best friend, Dylan, wishes would get acquainted with his fist.

 And, oh yeah, there’s that tattoo that was a royally stupid idea.

With her life spiraling out of control, everything changes when she skips class and finds a dead body…in fact, it gets worse. It jump starts Darcy’s inner-verb, and her brain hardwired for action gets caught up in a situation she can’t let go. Set in the fictional Cincinnati town of Valley, Ohio, Darcy falls into a world of threats, violence, and gangland exploits chasing down every clue to finger the murderer. When a fellow misfit is arrested for the crime, Darcy goes from zero-to-sixty trying to clear his name–constructing aliases, breaking the law, everything that makes perfect sense to her but reeks of Grade A Stupid to everyone else.

Trouble is…will she live to see sixteen?

Read an Excerpt

“THERE WAS ALWAYS a boy in your life that common sense and the prayers of parents told you to stay away from: fast talker, fast car, and fast hands. He was the boy your father kept a loaded shotgun by the door for and met on the front porch if he ever thought about venturing onto his property…let alone the threshold. He was the tall, dark, mysteriously handsome, and uncharacteristically quiet one that made you wonder what was going on in his head, and that little voice in your head said it wasn’t always so honorable. He was the boy you broke all of the rules over because bad-boys equaled excitement and the rebel in you liked the ride.”

Buying Links

Amazon.com  {FREE in US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia}
Amazon.in {Rs. 60}
iTunes {FREE}
Kobo {FREE}
Smashwords {FREE}

About the Author

AJLapeA. J. Lape is the author of the Darcy Walker Series,  which has remained on Amazon’s teen mystery/thriller best seller list since its debut in 2012.  She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola–plus a lifelong love affair with bacon she has no plans to sever. A graduate of Morehead State University with a Master’s degree in Communications, she’s a PI wannabe and recently joined the Citizen’s Police Academy in her hometown but daily stops crime through the fictional ADHD character of Darcy Walker.

Sign up for A. J.’s newsletter: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ajlape
Follow the Author

The Darcy Walker Series
Book 1: Grade A Stupid by A.J Lape
Amazon.com {FREE}| Amazon.in {Rs. 60} | Barnes & Noble {FREE} | iTunes {FREE} | Kobo {FREE} | Smashwords {FREE}

Book 2: No Brainer by A.J Lape

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Book 3: 100 Proof Stud by A.J Lape

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Book 4: DEFCON Darcy by A.J Lape–> New Release
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Black Parakeets Only Hatch in December

Featured Book Black Parakeets Only Hatch in December

Black Parakeets Only Hatch in December: A Black Man’s Exploration of Life, Love and Northwest Indiana begins with a disclaimer in the preface, explaining that although readers may not be African American, male, or familiar with Indiana geography, there is something in these stories for them. And that preface, though it may not be necessary, is correct: this is a collection of short vignettes that are, in many ways, universal.  Author Chad R. Hunter begins his book by explaining its title. He says, To me, every story is a little parakeet. It trembles in its egg, hatches and chirps some crazy details and unusual scenario. The little parakeets in Hunter’s debut are about his childhood and family, about coming of age, friendship, disappointment and first love. Each of the chapters is almost a short story in itself and each is a beautifully written reflection on the past and how it affects the present. Many are written from the perspective of the author as a child or teen, but with the keen observation of an adult remembering. There is a good deal of nostalgia here, but “Black Parakeets” is never maudlin.

Mr. Hunter has a gift for descriptions that are at once detailed,  funny and poignant. In one vignette about Halloween, he captures both atmosphere and character perfectly: Here I sat in my mom’s ’84 brown New Yorker. In a Predator costume my brother had made from papier-mâché. The world of my high school wove in streams of buzz and bustle, crowd and group. She looked at me and said ‘You only go around once.’ My mom. In another, about going to church as a child, he describes the various types of church-goers with affection and humor: “Church mothers were the old, old, old ladies. They still dressed a certain way but it was less important to them now. Many were slow in walk and small in stature. Their big eyes and wrinkled faces often frightened me as they reached for me as a little boy with wanting hands and creaking fingers.

Black Parakeets is reminiscent of Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street  in that it gives the reader the chance to experience growing up in a specific place and time through the eyes of a young person. It is a charming, highly readable and engaging look at coming of age that does, indeed, have universal appeal. As promised in the preface.

41mcYZErs6L amazon-buy-button_2


Book Review – Life Hacks and How to Save Money Tips

Self help and life hacks book reviewFour Short Guides to Saving Money

Anyone who doesn’t have endless disposable income is looking for how to save money tips and life hacks. These short guides actually teach you how.

Self Help books come in a seemingly endless array of categories: relationships, spirituality, self-esteem. But the category of short, practical self help guides, especially those that promise unique tips on how to save money, has grown exponentially in recent years.  With the popularity of self publishing, just about anyone with a penchant for penny pinching can put together a guide, and there are literally thousands of them for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For readers looking for concrete suggestions on money saving, it can be hard to distinguish the truly useful how-to guides from the ones that point out the obvious or suggest impractical solutions.  Below are 4 short money saving life hack books that actually provide valuable, money-saving advice.

Rich Life Skinny Wallet by Erin Frey – Kindle Price: $2.99

How to Save Money Tips Book Skinny WalletThis guide promises to help you live well without having a great deal of disposable income. The author groups each tip or hack based on how much effort each requires: Easy, “It’s a Chore” (require moderate effort), and “Superman of Savings” (more effort but greater savings/earnings). Included are tricks in all realms of life: from the best reusable coffee pods, coupons, when to be loyal to a brand and when switching brands saves money, and the right mindset for saving money at the grocery store.  Also included are several apps and programs that reward customers or let you earn money by rating shopping experiences. The suggestions are all gleaned from the experience of the author and are therefore practical for real world use. All are fairly simple, so much so that you may find yourself wondering “why didn’t I think of that?”

The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide by James Zeller – Kindle Price: $.99

How to Save Money Tips Book Travel Hacking Pocket GuideA guide to traveling for less money, with an emphasis on saving money on airline travel. This succinct guide teaches you ways to use airline miles, how to accumulate more airline miles, and how to find the best prices on airfare. The author advocates the use of credit cards that accrue airline miles, but outlines ways to make sure you’re not paying more in interest than you’re getting in free travel. Also covered are how to pick the most rewarding airline loyalty programs and how to change your spending habits to accumulate airline miles.  The guide is a useful addition to any frequent traveler’s virtual bookshelf, though its hacks primarily apply to travelers based in the United States.

DIY Projects: 26 Extraordinary Tips and Suggestions on How to Improve Your Home and Save Money Doing It by Alexander Taylor – Kindle Price: $2.99

How to Save Money Tips Book DIY ProjectsCovers simple home maintenance and DIY projects that help save money on home expenses, shopping and monthly bills. Categories include: household, cleaning and organization, parenting, crafts, beauty, and fitness. Each chapter is written in succinct and no-nonsense “how-to” language that makes the projects and suggestions easy to understand. Included are 26 easy to moderate  projects that can save time and money and help you avoid having to call a contractor.


Frugal Living: Make More Money by Spending Less by Kevin C. Hill – Kindle Price: $2.99

How to Save Money Tips Book Frugal LivingThe emphasis here is on budgeting and not being wasteful. The author outlines ways of saving money by living frugally, and then putting the money you save to good use. Budgeting, changing your mindset about money and paying for quality are all covered, as are interest rates, how to save on daily purchases, saving on heating and cooling costs by changing thermostats and when to spend money to save money in the long run.



Malcolm X, 50 Years After His Death

Malcolm X Murder Newspaper50 Years ago today, Malcolm X was murdered at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. He was controversial during his lifetime and remains so today, but his contributions to the ongoing American conversation about race and to our understanding of the ramifications of institutional racism are undeniable, no matter how you feel about his message.  Malcolm X led an extraordinary life, transforming himself from petty criminal to political leader, philosopher and cultural icon whose words still resonate and challenge us 50 years after his death.

Malcolm X Books

X a novel by Ilyasah Shabazz

Cowritten by Malcolm X’s daughter, this riveting and revealing novel follows the formative years of the man whose words and actions shook the world.

the autobiography of Malcolm X

ONE OF TIME’S TEN MOST IMPORTANT NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY The Autobiography of Malcolm X defines American culture and the African American struggle for social and economic equality that has now become a battle for survival.


Malcolm Little

Malcolm X grew to be one of America’s most influential figures. But first, he was a boy named Malcolm Little. Written by his daughter, this inspiring picture book biography celebrates a vision of freedom and justice.

Malcolm X a life of reinvention

Winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for History Hailed as “a masterpiece” (San Francisco Chronicle), the late Manning Marable’s acclaimed biography of Malcolm X finally does justice to one of the most influential and controversial figures of twentieth-century American history.


Featured Book – Ascendance by C. Jones

Ascendance by C. Jones HeaderNew Horror Tale Ascendance is Based on Real Events.

Ten year old Landon Gasby is a tortured young boy who has been abused and neglected since birth. The abuse escalates until one night, in a fit of rage, he is brutally murdered by his sadistic parents. Landon hopes to finally be with God but instead becomes trapped between heaven and hell. In order to save his soul he must face the demons of his past and find a way to let go of the hatred he feels towards his killers.
Facing demons means facing the truth about his short, tortured life. As he struggles toward enlightenment, he learns what the truth about his abuse and discovers the dark secrets of his parents’ pasts.

Learning the truth about his past and his parents’ secrets will help the child save his soul, but he is unaware that The Dark One is leading him on his journey of self discovery. The Dark One has plans for young Landon’s soul, and he waits patiently,  hoping to deceive Landon into making a decision that will  destroy the child’s soul — and destroy all of humanity.

Ascendence is a dark and disturbing horror story in the tradition of Stephen King and V.C. Andrews. It employs the traditional good versus evil storyline in an interesting and compelling way: with a totally innocent young boy, tormented by his parents’ demons and, ultimately, by a demon of his own. Beyond the scares, though, Ascendence is also a morality tale about the necessity of forgiveness and the salvation that can be found in letting go of hurt, anger and the impulse for revenge.  Lovers of horror, especially those who prefer their horror with a message of hope amidst the darkness, will find this new novel haunting and affecting.

Ascendance will be released on February 14, 2015, but can be pre-ordered today.

ascendance 3damazon-pre-order-option-1

About the Author

As a lifelong fan of classic horror, C Jones always wanted to write stories that disturb and strike terror. C Jones author of Ascendance
“While writing novels I sometimes have to take breaks because sometimes I can’t handle what comes out of my mind and flows into the stories I write. Everyone enjoys visiting the disturbing and dark sides of themselves. The only difference between myself and others is that I put on paper what’s going on in my head through my novels instead of keeping them locked away in my mind.”

Connect with the Author

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108 Tips on Business, Travel, and Culture in China

Business Leader Brings Humor and Insight To New Guide to China

108 tips on China by Flores An excellent short guide to Chinese business and culture that draws on 60 years of experience.

Born in Hong Kong, author Eddie Flores, Jr. moved to Hawaii at 16 and went on to create one of the most successful restaurant chains in the United States: L & L Hawaiian Barbecue.  In a new book, 108 Tips on Business, Travel, and Culture in China,  Flores, Jr. and his daughter Elisia, along with illustrator Jon J. Murakami, entertainingly guide business people and travelers through Chinese customs and culture.

Written and illustrated in Eddie’s signature Hawaiian”talking story” style, 108 Tips on Business, Travel, and Culture in China provides information about Chinese beliefs, traditions and expectations that any tourist will find useful and that anyone doing business in China will find invaluable.  Included are short overviews of Chinese history, government and geography that serve to orient the reader to the terrain and culture.  It covers the concepts of Guanxi (connection) and Mianzi (saving face), which those hoping to establish business relationships with Chinese companies will need to know, and traditional Chinese beliefs like Confucianism that are key to understanding the Chinese psyche.

Narrated in an easy, conversational style and punctuated with cartoons and illustrations, “108 Tips” manages to be both informative and entertaining.  It is a must have for anyone hoping to understand Chinese culture and those who are involved in business with the Chinese.

This is not a comprehensive guide to business in China, nor is it an exhaustive travel guide. It is, however, a rare commodity: a primer on a culture that many Westerners find opaque and confusing, written so that the reader can’t help but be charmed by the Chinese and, indeed, by the authors.

108 Tips on Business, Travel, and Culture in China is Available in Paperback or eBook Format

Buy 108 Tips on Business, Travel, and Culture in China

From Inside the Book

Cartoons illustrate key points of Chinese culture and belief.

Cartoons illustrate key points of Chinese culture and belief.

About the Authors

Eddie Flores JrSince his arrival in Hawaii as a sixteen-year-old immigrant, Eddie Flores Jr., president of L & L restaurant chain, has distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur and a community activist. The early years were very trying, and Eddie was compelled to work to support himself. Two years after his graduation from University of Hawaii, he unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit and formed his own real estate company. In 1976, he purchased his first L & L as a gift to his mother. Subsequently, Eddie expanded L & L from a single store into 145 restaurants during a time of unprecedented economic hardship in Hawaii. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the way Flores runs his business is his generosity and unselfishness. Eddie has provided loans, credit, and lease guaranty for his employees in the L & L restaurant Eddie Flores Jr at L and Lchain so they can share the same American dream.

Eddie Flores, Jr. is a well known entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded and taught micro economics workshops in economically distressed neighborhoods, helped to raise over $14 million for a Filipino community center in Hawaii, and endowed a $1 million scholarship at the University of Hawaii’s Shidler College of Business. He serves on the Boards of numerous charities, including Hawaii Goodwill Industries, and has received awards for his entrepreneurship and charity from a diverse group of institutions, including Ernst and Young LLP and the National Association of Realtors.

Eddie speaks and reads Chinese and has had extensive dealings with Chinese in the United States and in China. He is the author of the “$266 Million Winning Lottery Recipes: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook

Elisia floresElisia Flores is the proud daughter of Eddie and Elaine Flores and the Chief Financial Officer of L&L Drive-Inn, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue and L&L Hawaiian Grill.. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California and a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to working at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, Elisia worked at General Electric, traveling domestically and internationally. She has been to China on multiple occasions to study and to experience Chinese culture, history and the business environment.

Jon MurakamiJon J. Murakami is a freelance cartoonist born and raised in Hawaii. He is best known for his line of “Local Kine” greeting cards, which depict humorous occasions & holidays in Hawaii. His regular comic strips include “Calabash” with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and “Generation Gap” with the Hawaii Herald. He has illustrated several Hawaiian children’s picture and board books and self-publishes the comics “Gordon Rider” and “The Ara-Rangers”. His comic work, greeting cards and clothing can be found on his website and the 22 books he has illustrated can be found on his Author Page.


L and L Logo L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a theme-based  franchise restaurant chain based in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is known for popularizing the Hawaiian plate lunch. In 2002, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue was named one of the “50 Regional Powerhouse Chains” by Nation’s Restaurant News and in 2005 it was ranked at #165 out of the top 500 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.  There are close to 200 L&L restaurants in Hawaii, California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Texas, New York, American Samoa, New Zealand and Japan.

The Quest For the Holy Something Or Other

Kylie Betzner’s New Arthurian Parody Launches Today

the_quest_ebook_coverKylie Betzner, aka LitChick, has a popular book blog and is well known in book circles as a thoughtful and insightful reviewer of all types of literature. A lifelong avid reader, Betzner has finally penned her own novel, “The Quest for the Holy Something or Other” which was released today.


Enter the Realm of Camelot, home of famous legends: King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and Merlin–but this isn’t their story. Meet Pig, a humble gong farmer who dreams of the glories of Camelot. Her dreams become reality–or so she thinks–when she becomes Sir Kay’s page. What starts off as a joke soon becomes the adventure of Pig’s life when Merlin sends the knights on a quest for the Holy Gift Box–er–Bread Basket–whatever it is! On their quest, they face many knight-worthy, and some not-so-knight-worthy, foes: an insane pond dweller, several greedy salespeople, and an overzealous cache seeker, all the while fighting against time, mostly each other, and the most infamous villain of all—change. The Quest for the Holy Something or Other is a fresh and funny take on a well-known legend, with engaging characters, some rather good jokes, and something that starts with S, but it isn’t important.

Pre-release copies are already getting rave reviews.  It is available on Kindle for $2.99, in paperback from Amazon for $11.37 and in bookstores.





Kylie will also be doing a round of in-person book signings and events in the Midwest.  For more information about online and in-person events, see Kylie’s blog,

Reviews of “The Quest for the Holy Something or Other”

“…The story left me with a smile. Sir Kay and Pig are likable, well-drawn characters I couldn’t help but root for. I enjoyed the book and will look forward to others by this author.”

“…there is a subtlety and innocence to the humour which will appeal both to the YA market as well as to adults…”

“This debut by Kylie Betzner is a great first book and should keep you chuckling all the way through…”

True Tails from the Dog Park by Max and Luther

True Tails from the Dog Park on ReadersWritersJournal


A charming collection of tales (tails?) from the dog park, including advice on navigating the social minefield that a group of dogs can present, rules for dog owners, and observations told from the point of view of 2 dogs who are best friends: Max, a Puggle, and Luther, a Bulldog.

Many of the stories involve the theft of food, others are tips and tricks for getting along or getting over in the park, and all are delightfully told and wonderfully illustrated.

Carey_Laubenberg_thumbnail[1]Max and Luther had help in penning their first book: Southern California residents Kari Kari ShermanSherman and Carey Laubenberg. After their dogs became best friends at the dog park, Kari and Carey decided that they had to share their funny encounters and advice to other dog owners and dog lovers. Happily embarking on their second careers, Kari and Carey are hard at work on the second book in this series.  MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUTHORS

Connect with the Authors:

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 Meet the Real Max and Luther: 

Buy true tails on amazon  truetailsss2


Please Consider Supporting the Humane Society of the United States. The Above to Learn More.

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