How to Build Self-Discipline: Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Term Goals

How to Build Self Discipline Book Review

Self Help Guide is Based on Neuropsychology but Lacks Enough Depth to Assist Those Struggling with Complex Issues

How to Build Self-Discipline: Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Term Goals by Martin Meadows is a strange sort of self-help book, in that it doesn’t purport to help you overcome a specific issue, such as overeating or toxic relationships.  Rather, it is a comprehensive look at self-control that is based in the science of neuroplasticity and the precepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – though the author specifically states early on that he will not use overly scientific terms. But the underlying theories are based on the concept that, with practice, new neural pathways can be created in the brain.  That is, in order to create a new behavior, it must be practiced over and over until it is “etched” into the brain.

What is not covered, however, is how to support yourself as you are practicing the exercises that Meadows suggests. Giving up coping skills, even those that have become detrimental, is a difficult process and without something to replace them with, it is hard to get through the time it takes for new habits to become fixed in your brain.  The book alludes to some replacement coping skills that are reminiscent of those in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, such as mindfulness and meditation, but much of the book has a “just do it” feel.  Again, there is an emphasis on practices that can be very helpful in overcoming addiction and other unwanted behaviors, such as  self awareness and meditation. But the guide gives very little instruction on just how to become self aware or how to mediate. In the chapter that deals with dopamine, for instance, Meadows suggests riding out a craving this way

Acknowledge your craving and let the feeling wander through your body. Then switch your attention to the reason why you’re resisting it.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy, as anyone who has dealt with addiction can tell you. Those two sentences are

Neurotransmitters like dopamine have a complex relationship with behavior, such as addiction.

The relationship between addiction, willpower and neurotransmitters like dopamine is complex and not fully understood. (source: National Institute on Drug Abuse)

woefully inadequate instruction on how to overcome the urges created by chemicals like dopamine.  What does “let the feeling wander through your body” mean? How does that process work? For how long? What if it comes back? Should I distract myself with something else while I’m letting the feeling wander? What if I fail? Should I try again? Is failing the first time I try normal? None of these questions are answered by Meadows’ guide.

Self help books can be a boon when we are struggling with a particular issue or behavior, but they can also create a sense of failure if, after having read them, we are unable to change the issue or behavior. Readers of this book may come to it looking for help with complex and deeply traumatic issues such as addiction, eating disorders, anxiety attacks or self-injury. And the abbreviated “just do it” approach in How to Build Self-Discipline: Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Term Goals, however well meaning it may be, has the potential to do these book buyers more harm than good.

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“Baggy Pants Weight Loss System: How Busy People Are Shedding Pounds” by Brian Dunn

A Realistic Diet Plan for Busy People

Baggy Pants Weight Loss System on AmazonA diet guide designed with busy people in mind, this is a step by step plan to lose weight that does not require a great deal of time to do.  It is a science-based plan for quick weight loss that also helps you build healthier long term eating habits.

The author first helps you create a plan that is built around your personal needs and schedule, and then walks you through the process of implementing that plan.  The emphasis is on small, doable, measureable steps as opposed to major, life-changing overhauls, which often sound good in theory but are nearly impossible to implement in real life. Once you have created your plan and have begun to implement it, there is support and information on how to measure your progress, how to add exercise to augment your program and how to make long-term changes that help keep the weight off.

There are thousands of diet plans on the market, and many of them are effective for those willing to spend hours on dieting. This is an extremely realistic plan that takes into account that most people do not have hours a week to spend on figuring out what to eat. It is designed to be easy to use and, therefore, to be easy to keep to long term. This is a truly unique and innovative approach to weight loss for real, busy people that will be of benefit to anyone searching for a real life solution to the problem of losing weight.

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 About the Author

Brian DunnBrian Dunn‘s literary debut was the Baggy Pants Weight Loss System. This innovative, doctor-approved approach to weight loss offers a fresh new perspective by bringing 3 different worlds together – scientific research, real world fitness, and, interestingly, project management – in order to create a simple, step-by-step approach to losing weight. His passion for the subject shows in the book, where he maps out a virtual blueprint to weight loss based on how he personally lost dozens of pounds without exercise. He created DunnFit in order to help others achieve the same success.

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“The Yoga of Cleaning” by Jennifer Carter Avgerinos

Cultivating a Sacred Space in Your Home

The Yoga of Cleaning by Jennifer Carter Avgerinos on AmazonAn introduction to yoga, yogic texts and the spiritual foundations of the practice of yoga, as well as a guide to bringing the practices of yoga into the real world.  In this case, into the real world task of cleaning.

The two do not seem immediately to have anything to do with one another, but anyone who finds cleaning an odious task or anyone who has benefited from yoga classes, or is curious about yoga can benefit from this unique guide. It will change your thinking about both yoga and cleaning.  And about the concept of home and your space.  It not only explains how the sometimes abstract concepts in yoga can be applied in a concrete way, it explains how chakras relate to your home and how to use Ayurveda to create a scared space. It also goes into detail about Vastu, which is the Indian equivalent of Feng Shui and actually predates Feng Shui.  The book presents the act of cleaning using yogic principles in a whole new light: as an act of self-care and a way to make your home space into a more balanced oasis that is a source of comfort and healing.

A unique book that is more self-help and spiritual guide than a mundane look at cleaning.  Surprising, thought-provoking and valuable, “The Yoga of Cleaning” will help you change your mindset about home, spirituality and recreating your home.

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 About the Author

Jennifer Carter AvgerinosJennifer Carter Avgerinos is a creative and passionate writer and marketer of products, brands and technologies that help people to live more fulfilled lives. She has worked in consumer packaged cleaning tools for the last 7 years and for many years in the fashion industry prior to that.
Jen is a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching in Connecticut for the last three years. She studied hatha yoga and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. Jen is also a certified prenatal/postnatal and kids yoga teacher. She has taught hundreds of classes and workshops and publishes a blog @ She lives in Connecticut with her husband Paul.

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“Opiate Addiction – The Painkiller Addiction Epidemic, Heroin Addiction and the Way Out” by Taite Adams

Providing Answers and Hope for Opiate Addiction

Opiate Addiction by Taite Adams on AmazonStarting the process of recovery from opiate addiction can be challenging, in large part because of the element of physical addiction that is present.  Heroin or opioid painkiller addiction are hard to face, but given the extraordinary rise in rates of opiate use in the United States in recent years, they must be confronted head on.  This book is both a comprehensive look at the opiate epidemic and a guide to recovery from addiction to opiates.

Starting with a definition of opiates and overview of various types (heroin, painkillers, etc.) the book thoroughly explains why addiction to these types of substances is unique and why it can be such a challenging habit to kick.  There is also a great deal of information about why people turn to opiates and the very real dangers associated with their use.  The author then goes on to outline the most common methods used for detoxification from opiates, as well as options for inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment.

Written in a non-judgmental and easy to understand style, Taite Adams draws on research and on her personal experiences as a recovering addict to create a guide that anyone touched by opiate addiction can benefit from.  For family members and loved ones of active addicts, familiarity with the facts, history and causes of addiction can be a real help in gaining a better understanding of the tremendous struggle of addiction.  For those struggling with addiction themselves, there is a great deal of information about the disease of opiate addiction, as well as a great deal of hope for long term recovery.

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 About the Author

Taite AdamsTaite Adams is a successful marketer and published author who has traded in the high cost of low living for a much more peaceful, and rewarding, life. Free of alcohol and drugs for over a decade and an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, Taite (not her real name) enjoys living a sober life and sharing those joys with her family, friends and people looking for a better way to live. Her first book, “Kickstart Your Recovery – The Road Less Traveled to Freedom From Addiction”, is already climbing the Kindle charts in the Recovery Section. Taite’s second book deals with answering the much-asked question of How to “Safely Detox from Alcohol and Drugs at Home”. Her third book tackles a subject close to home for both herself and many others – that of “Opiate Addiction”. Taite’s fourth book is about renewal and making new beginnings in recovery – called “Restart Your Recovery”. Her latest book seeks to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the popular drug “Molly”. Called “Who is Molly?”, the book examines misconceptions about this drug, its dangers, effects and much more. All of these are available in both Kindle format and in paperback.

Taite is an avid boater, licensed Coast Guard Captain and prolific traveler. While her bucket list remains long, each day brings a shining new opportunity to cross something off the list or discover something new – and for that she remains forever grateful.

Other Books on Recovery and Addiction by Taite Adams

Restart your recovery by Taite Adams Safely Detox From Alcohol and Drugs at Home by Taite Adams Kickstart Your Recovery by Taite Adams Who is Molly by Taite Adamssee on amazon

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“The Savvy Woman’s Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man” by Ellen Ames

Get Smart, Get Strong and Get on With Your Life

The Savvy Woman's Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Manby Ellen Ames on Amazon “The Savvy Woman’s Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man” is a comprehensive guide that provides all of the tools any woman needs to find out whether her man is cheating, as well as the tools she needs to recover emotionally and move on to a happier life. From statistics on infidelity to how to read body language to determine if your mate is lying, to computer spyware, to ways to recover from the betrayal, author Ellen Ames has covered all the bases.

Written in a supportive but no-nonsense tone, reading this book is almost like having a best friend to tell you how to proceed if you think the man in your life is being unfaithful.  The focus here is not simply on getting the truth, it is also on preparing yourself for finding out the worst and what to do after you’ve uncovered infidelity. Topics covered include: psychological secrets to get the truth fast, spyware gadgets that may aid in your investigation, how to use computer technology to uncover cheating, confronting a cheating man safely, deciding whether to leave after infidelity has been discovered, how to repair a relationship after cheating and ways to care for your own emotional health after the devastation of unfaithfulness.  Also included are case studies and anecdotes about how other women have dealt with cheating men, and insights into how to create new relationships that don’t involve infidelity.

Women caught in the cycle of unfaithful relationships are often confused and in so much pain that they find it hard to make a decision or see the facts clearly. “The Savvy Woman’s Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man” helps you focus and use your rational mind to discover the truth, decide what to do about it and heal.


 About the Author

Ellen AmesEllen Ames is a writer at heart and a paralegal at work. Inspired by the incredible things people can do with the right information and resources, her work focuses on sharing information that empowers readers to happily and successfully navigate life.

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“Emotional Recovery from an Affair” by Richard Schwindt

Recovery From an Affair on AmazonHelp for Relationships Impacted by Infidelity

Many couples feel that an affair is the end of a marriage or committed relationship.  That trust can never be repaired and anger can never subside enough to make the relationship viable again. For some couples, that may be the case.  But for those who are committed to trying to come back from an affair, this book provides valuable insight and teaches couples how to start the process of healing.

Written by a therapist but in a style that anyone can understand, the author walks, step-by-step through the affair process: why it is so damaging, what immediate steps to take to protect your physical health and emotions during the immediate aftermath, and how to find professional help for the relationship.  Also covered are the emotions and phases following an affair that both parties will probably go through, how and when to share information outside the relationship, how to deal with an affair if you have children, and personal stories of healing from an affair. The final portion of the book provides a wealth of resources for couples: books on affairs but also on making relationships in general work.

Anyone who is in an “emergency” situation following an affair can benefit from this book.  Even those who do not plan to continue the relationship will find valuable help, compassion and advice on how to pick up the pieces after the devastation that an affair can bring to a monogamous relationship.

About the Author

Author Richard SchwindtRichard Schwindt is a therapist, hypnotherapist and writer in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In addition to “Emotional Recovery from an Affair” he is the author of 2 books on workplace bullying, 2 romantic fantasy novellas and a series of 4 mysteries set in a remote town in Northern Ontario. 

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“Secular Parenting in a Religious World: a Practical Guide for Free Thinking Parents” by Be-Asia McKerracher

FSecular Parenting in a Religious World on Amazonostering Values and Self Esteem Without Religion

This is not an all-inclusive guide to everything you will ever need to know about raising children, nor does it claim to be.  And it is not a guide to teaching children to hate religion.  What it is, however, is a guide to helping children learn to think for themselves about a variety of topics, including religion, in a world that often pushes religion or religiosity on those who do not want it.  Early on, the author makes it clear that her purpose is to present a guide to secular parenting that helps parents foster a stable self-image and self-esteem in children. And that neither a healthy self-image nor self-esteem is predicated on religion. Emphasized are unconditional love, stability, allowing children choice, and teaching empathy without the use of religion.  From that premise, the book goes on to describe ways to create these things in your child, and how to handle specific situations that may arise throughout their lifetimes, with them in mind.

Included are exercises and stories that foster problem solving skills in young children, concrete advice for parents dealing with school systems that do not have an atmosphere of tolerance, suggestions for dealing with a secularly raised child when loved ones/family members are religious and may want to push their religion on your child, how to talk to your child about religious issues that he/she may encounter in the public sphere, creating a sense of community without having to belong to a church or other religious organization, and dealing with religious holidays like Christmas.

Though there is a philosophical underpinning to all of the advice given, much of what is covered is very practical and concrete, providing invaluable guidance, suggestions and support for parents struggling to maintain a non-religious atmosphere and teach their children to think for themselves. This is a highly recommended, innovative parenting guide on an important subject that is too often overlooked.

Be-Asia McKerracher’s website, is a comprehensive blog, journal, and resource for parents interested in secular parenting.  Included are resources for teaching children values without religion, links to books for kids, links to books on parenting and variety of topics for parents, and resources for teaching various religious texts as literature.  It also provides a community where secular parents can connect with one another.  visit site

About the Author

BeAsia McKerracherBe-Asia McKerracher has a Master’s degree in English from Truman State University and teaches English at both the high school and the college level. Her website, The Secular Parent (, focuses on a wide range of issues affecting secular parents and their children. Be-Asia lives in Kansas City, MO, with her husband and two children.


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“Who Wants More Money” by U.L. Rich


who wants more money buyInformation Once Reserved For The Fortunate Few Is Now Available To You!

This guide is very different from many of the “how to get rich quick” books on the market. Written in a conversational and easy to understand tone that makes it fun and engaging to read, it offers sound principles for increasing financial worth using the principles that make and keep money.
It emphasizes self-determination and using knowledge for improvement, and then gives concrete examples and scenarios that illustrate its points. Scenarios like  the story of Marvin and D-Dub and a community meeting in Mr. Johnson’s barbershop are used to show the contrast between wise investing and saving strategies and those who don’t give any thought to money issues or think there is a quick and easy way to increase wealth.  By using real-life scenarios, the author is able to explain his plan in a way that make it easy to comprehend and then apply.
The “Six Laws of Money” the author lays out are followed by explanations that, again, use real world scenarios for illustration. Regarding your time as money and applying it to making money, putting aside a certain percentage of income regularly, improving savings, examining spending habits and wise investing and home buying tips are all included. There are also chapters on choosing financial advisers and planning for retirement.

“Who Wants More Money” is a wise, engaging and useful guide that would be particularly helpful for young adults just learning about financial issues and those who are wary of traditional “how-to” books.

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“Who Wants More Money” illustrates how small, mindless expenditures can add up

About The Author

U.L.Rich was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest. He became obsessed with achieving financial success after suffering for many years from the fatal disease “brokitis (pronounced – broke eye tis). Remembering what a teacher once told him, “If you can read and write, then you can do anything!” Mr. Rich rededicated himself to a career as a writer and entrepreneur.

While on his new found quest for success, he realized that many others suffered from the same disease that he once did, and decided to do something about it. He penned Who Wants More Money! as a guide to help those who seek financial freedom reach their goals.

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Hypoglycemia Diet: Winning the Battle Against Hypoglycemia by Logan M. Weldon

Hypoglycemia, better known as  low blood glucose or low blood sugar, happens when the amount of glucose, which is a primary source of energy for the human body,  falls below normal levels. Symptoms of low blood sugar can include: hunger, shakiness, fainting, confusion, difficulty speaking and sweating, ahypoglycemia dietnd can be dangerous if not remedied immediately.
In Hypoglycemia Diet: Winning the Battle Against Hypoglycemia, author Logan Weldon presents a plan for getting blood sugar spikes (both high and low) under control so that you can get your health back.  The premise of the book is that reliance on medication to control blood sugar levels may be necessary, but without dietary changes, will not be sufficient.

This is a thoroughly researched, detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to ameliorating hypoglycemia symptoms and maintaining healthy blood sugar through changing how you eat . It presents a well-researched hypoglycemia diet, but it also provides valuable information on hypoglycemia symptoms, causes and treatments. For anyone struggling with periods of blood sugar instability, the diet and guide provides:

  • a detailed checklist of symptoms to watch for
  • a plan for collecting information about your symptoms so you can better understand the patterns in your blood sugar spikes and falls
  • a guide to talking to your doctor about hypoglycemia
  •  a discussion of the 4 main types of hypoglycemia, and how each should be treated to ensure they don’t escalate to a more serious disease
  • 6 quick tips for dealing with symptoms as soon as you feel them
  • a comprehensive lists of foods that help eliminate blood sugar crashes and those that make them worse
  • sample menus using a balance of foods to maximize your blood sugar stability

This book is much more than a diet plan: it provides sufferers a new way of understanding the disease and a way to become proactive in managing it, rather than reacting to symptoms.

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About the Author:

logan7-compressedLogan M. Weldon began suffering from the symptoms of diabetes as a child but was not formally diagnosed until he was an adult.  Even after diagnosis, he suffered with blood sugar spikes that made him feel sick most of the time.  After visiting a nutritionist, who created a diet plan just for him, he started feeling better and realized that diet was the key to stabilizing his hypoglycemia and improving his health.  He spent years researching nutrition for stable blood sugar and used his extensive knowledge to create Hypoglycemia Diet: Winning the Battle Against Hypoglycemia.

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