Free Book Promotion Resources for Authors

 free-book-promotion-resources-for-authorsAn Archive of Ideas, Tips & Hacks for Marketing Your Book

Promoting a book on your own can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive. Readers+Writers Journal is committed to providing self-published authors tips, tricks and book promotion ideas that are easy to use and free (a few aren’t free, but they’re really, really cheap.)

We scour the web for free services that help you get your book attention, and we’re experts at coming up with unique ideas that help you sell more books – for free.


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The articles below contain a wealth of information on where to market your book free of charge, how to save money on book promotion, and sites you can use to get your book the attention it deserves without going broke.

General Book Promotion

Do-It-Yourself Book Promotion: A Guide to 7 Sites That Promote Your Book for Free

Email List Building for Authors: Learn How to Create an Email List That Reaches Potential Readers

How to Start Marketing Your Book Before it’s Published: Learn how to pre-market your book, and why marketing is really about the author, not the book

Book Covers

Book Cover Design Tips: What makes a book cover work, what to avoid, and 10 examples of cover art that works.

Book Descriptions

How to Write a Book Description That Sells: Research reveals which elements of a book description matter to readers, and which don’t.

Book Reviews

How to Get Book Reviews: 30+ Sites That Review Self-Published Books

Book Review Hacks: 5 Free Ways to Get Your Book Reviewed

Amazon Book Reviews: In Our Exclusive Interview, an Amazon Top Reviewer Reveals the Best Ways to Ask for a Review

Get Reviewed! Are You Missing Out on the Best (Free) Way to Get Book Reviews?

Free Publicity for Authors

Author Publicity: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Media Kit (Plus Why You Need One NOW!)

How to Make a Book Trailer for Free (and how to make one that’s almost free)

Author Interviews: Use These Free Media Sites for Free Publicity

26 Book Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: How to Use Guest Posting on Blogs for Book Promotion and How to Write a Post That Gets Accepted

Social Media for Authors

Twitter for Authors: The 12 Most Important Hashtags for Writers and Authors

Twitter Your Book: How to Use a Twitter List to Connect to Readers and Influential Book Folks

Twitter Marketing and Better Tweets: Use the Advertising Formula that Madison Avenue Relies on to Create Effective Tweets That Get Noticed

How to Use GoodReads to Promote Your Book: A Guide to Setting Up Your Profile, GoodReads Hacks, and the Best Ways to Connect to Readers

Use the Right Tag to Get Attention on Twitter: The Ultimate Hashtag List for Writers

CoPromote: Make Your Social Media Shares Count, Grow Your Social Media Audience

How to Use Pinterest for Book Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide


What Works: One Indy Author Shares Her Self-Publishing Experiences and Talks About How Taking Control of Her Own Destiny was the Best Choice She Ever Made

Ebook Marketing Ideas: Creative Ways to Use Fiverr (that don’t involve buying reviews!)

Free Books for Authors: Download These Free Books to Learn How to Become a Better Writer and How to Sell More Books

Essential Reading for Writers: The Must-Have Books That Anyone Who Writes Should Have

Marketing Advice: A Sage Old Friend Teaches You How to Market Your Book Without Going Crazy

We are constantly updating this list as we publish new articles and find new resources for self published authors. Please make sure to bookmark it and come back often.

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