KindleSpy and The Publishing Formula

The Software and Guide That Identify The Best Amazon Niches and Amazon Keywords


formula-cover1 kindlspy package

Bestselling author and internet marketing guru Wesley Atkins released several new products yesterday, including a system called The Publishing Formula and a low-priced browser add-on called KindleSpy that reverse engineers Amazon’s sales pages for you. The system and the software are designed to help you:

  • Choose HOT Niches & Create Best Selling Books.
  • Truly Leverage Amazon To Promote Your eBooks.
  • Learn Exactly What Your Book Should & Should Not Contain

The guide takes you step by step through the Amazon system and shows you how to use it to promote books, while the software shows you sales ranking and sales revenue for any Amazon category or sub-category, and information about which subjects sell on Amazon and which don’t.

Find Amazon Keywords

But the software also has another feature, called Word Cloud, that automatically pulls the most used words from the titles of bestselling Amazon books in any category you choose.  Given the importance of book titles to getting your book found on Amazon, we tested a review copy of the software to see if the keywords it identifies really do rank higher in searches.  The results: They do. We tested it in several categories, asked it to find keywords from the top 100 bestselling books in that category, and then did searches using the Amazon keywords it gave us, and time after time we found that it had identified the words from a book’s title that come up first in searches on Amazon.

Screen Shots of KindleSpy for Category Research and Keyword Research (click for larger images)

kindlespy for categories

The Software Tells You Bestseller Rank, Sales, and How Many Reviews Each Book Has

kindlespy for keywords

The Word Cloud Feature Tells You The Most Used Keywords for Bestsellers in Any Category

How Self Published Authors Can Use The Publishing Formula and KindleSpy


If you are starting the process of writing your book, The Publishing Formula and KindleSpy Software can tell you exactly which categories and subcategories are the most profitable so that you know how to categorize your book, once it’s published. The importance of categories is an often overlooked part of book marketing, but where your book is categorized is CRITICAL to sales. For more on choosing categories, see THIS ARTICLE FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST.


As SEO agency Search Engine Journal puts it, “Amazon’s product title is the most important factor to search.” These new book promotion tools, by researching the most used words in bestselling book titles, gives you the words that will make your book rank higher. This is true for both fiction and non-fiction titles.

Authors who purchase directly from this page can get pre-release prices on both The Publishing System and KindleSpy Software.

The Publishing Formula System is at a new release price of $9.95, and the KindleSpy software is $27.00 for a limited time. 


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