Add Reviews of Your Book

How to have your book featured on our siteMake sure to see the Readers+Writers Journal Featured Book and Author Interview Book Promotion Options HERE.

(for more ideas on how to get book reviews, see this article on free ways to get your book reviewed)

FREE Book Review Resources

Book blogging resource

A search engine of over 900 book blogs. Search by genre, keyword, or by whether they accept review requests and author guest posts.

A list of sites that review books

Readers + Writers Journal’s Comprehensive List of Book Blogs That Review Self Published Authors

Paid Book Review Resources

Site that emails Amazon Reviewers for You

Paid Service That Emails Top Amazon Reviewers For You. PRICES: $15 AND UP




Book Review Exchange Program

Advance copies of your book are sent to readers who have agreed to review them. Price: $67 for 5 reviews.


Service that sends free copies of your book to reviewers

Sends a Copy of Your Book to Amazon Top Reviewers and Reviewers from its Own Database. Price for 5 reviews posted on Amazon is $55



Professional book review service

1 GUARANTEED Review by a professional Reviewer.
PRICE: $425 to $525 Per Review


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