10 of the Best Podcasts for Writers and Readers

Best Podcasts for Writers and ReadersLearn About Writing, Self-Publishing, New Books and More – Free

Podcasts are a great (and free!) way to learn new skills, catch up on trends in publishing, learn more about your favorite authors and hear the perspectives of readers. But where do you find the best podcasts for writers? The best podcasts for book lovers? The best podcasts for self-publishing? The term “podcast” has been in use for only 10 years, but it seems like there are literally millions of them to choose from. With limited time (and patience) how do you find the most valuable, useful and interesting book-related podcasts? We’ve done it for you! Below are some of the best of the best podcasts for writers, readers and for anyone interested in books. Enjoy!

The Best Podcasts on Writing

The Writing University Podcasts

The Writing University Podcast LogoRun by the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, arguably the most influential and prestigious writing program in the United States (alumni include Flannery O’Connor, John Irving, and Ann Patchett) these podcasts usually feature a guest writer talking about the art of writing. Some find the Writing University podcasts a bit too academic, but there is enough here for everyone, on topics ranging from the intricacies of character to how we use our brain when we write to how to work with a writing deadline. Visit Website

helpingwritersbecomeauthors podcastHelping Writers Become Authors

Created by author K.M. Weiland, this site offers specific, hard-core writing advice on everything from how to structure a story to ways to invigorate sentence structure to crafting unforgettable characters. Voted one of the top 101 websites for writers, by Writer’s Digest, if you’re an author or aspiring writer, you will find something of value in these podcasts. Visit Website

The Dead Robots Society

Dead Robots Society podcastWorth it for the title alone, but there is much more here than a catchy name. Described as a series “by aspiring writers for aspiring writers,” most episodes are hosted by 3 writers, all with their own points of view and experiences. Episodes often feature guests discussing topics like how to begin a fiction story, book cover blurbs, and sequels. This site tends to have long (over an hour) podcasts, but they’re formatted as conversations, so they rarely get boring. Visit Website

Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses podcast for writersThese are short (15 minutes per episode), lively weekly podcasts hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler, covering mostly fiction writing topics. Recent podcast subjects include plot twists, pacing, and how to control a reader’s sense of progress. Visit Website

The Best Podcasts on Self-Publishing and Book Marketing

(Note: many self-publishing/book marketing podcasts will try to sell you something – usually a self-publishing “secret” or system. Some are good products, others less so. We’ve tried to include only the less sales-oriented sites here.)

The Creative Penn Podcast

The Creative Penn PodcastAuthor and self-publishing pioneer Joanna Penn’s website, courses, and books are truly gems for writers – they cover everything from how to write to how to market your book. And her podcasts live up to the same standard as the rest of Penn’s products: informative, well-researched and based on her own experiences. There are interviews with authors, marketers, case studies on what works and what doesn’t in book marketing, and writing tips galore. You can watch free on Youtube or if you learn best by reading, Penn provides links to transcripts for all of her podcasts. Visit Website

Sterling & Stone Self-Publishing Podcast

sterling and stone podcastThey bill themselves as “3 guys telling you what does and doesn’t work for them in indie publishing.” The three guys are sci-fi authors Sean Platt, David Wright and Johnny B. Truant, and they cover topics ranging from how to optimize an Amazon sales page to how to price your books to how to get through writer’s block. The podcasts often feature guests from the world of publishing and marketing. Visit Website

The Sell More Books Show

Sell More Books Show LogoHosted by internet marketing guru Jim Kukral, this podcast covers publishing industry news, new developments in the world of self-publishing, and the nitty-gritty of selling a book. The hosts are extremely knowledgeable and always produce high-quality podcasts. There are some sales pitches included on the site, but the podcasts are well worth weeding through the “download this guide to selling books” links. Visit Website

The Best Podcasts on Literature, Books and Reading

A Phone Call from Paul

PHONE-CALL-big-960x430 (1)Literary Hub’s new podcast series features writer/interviewer and member of the literary intelligentsia Paul Holdengraber talking about books and writing with his friends on the phone. The first podcast featured Paul talking to his friend Neil Gaiman, about life, death, books, fatherhood, and everything in between. It’s just beginning, but this promises to be an exciting series, complete with snazzy 1970’s theme song. Visit Website

Book Riot Podcast

book-riot-podcast-iconHosted by Book Riot editors Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Schinsky, this literary podcast bills itself as “A weekly news and talk show about what’s new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading.” The format is conversational and often humorous, and the topics are wide-ranging: from new authors to the psychology of reading and writing to new technologies to publishing news and events. Visit Website

Books on the Nightstand

books on the nightstand podcastPublishing industry veterans Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman offer insight into reading, book recommendations, highlight classic books worth re-reading and profile new books you should check out. They feature audio books more extensively than many other book podcasts, and their “books we can’t wait to read” podcasts cover every genre – from thrillers to literary fiction to coloring books. Visit Website

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