National Punctuation Day Personality Quiz

What Kind of Punctuation are You?Find Out if You’re a Semicolon or a Comma with a Punctuation Personality Quiz

September 24th is National Punctuation Day in the United States…yes, there is such a thing! Why celebrate punctuation? Without proper use of commas, periods and semicolons, writers would have difficulty communicating. Use the wrong punctuation and the sentence becomes ambiguous (or even meaningless). For example:

Comma Mistake Changes Meaning of Sentence

The dog does look a bit worried! he would probably feel a whole lot better if there were some commas in that headline. Like this:

Comma in Headline

Choosing the right words is critical; choosing the right punctuation is just as important.

Which punctuation mark are you?

Curious about which punctuation mark aligns with your personality? Take Oxford’s Punctuation Personality Quiz and find out if you’re a staid period, a high-strung exclamation point or a warmhearted parentheses. Our results are below.

personality quiz semicolon


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