Social Media for Authors: Where to Find New Content to Post

How to Find New Content for Social MediaIf you’re an author active on social media, you know that sharing nothing but “BUY MY BOOK” on Twitter, Facebook or other platform isn’t effective. Constant self-promotion turns off followers and gets boring. To really succeed on social media, you should mix your promotional tweets with re-tweets and new content. But where do you find interesting, relevant content on the web to share on social media?

How often to Tweet

Twitter Fact: Limit Your Tweets to 5 a Day for Maximum Impact

Where to Find Content to Share on Social Media

From apps to feed aggregators, you can find great content to share – content that is tailored to your interests and those of your followers. If you know where to look and which apps to download, you can be sharing helpful, relevant links in no time.

Hootsuite Suggestions is a free app that “analyzes your posting history on Twitter and recommends articles that are relevant and interesting to you, your followers and friends. It then places them into the prime spots within your content calendar for easy editing and publishing.” Learn More Here.

Scoop.It is similar to Hootsuite Suggestions, but it allows you to gather content one piece at a time or to aggregate content in a virtual magazine format that you can share with followers. You tell the app what keywords to look for, and it crawls the web for content based on those keywords. Scoop.It is a time saver in that it allows you to share the same content to multiple social media channels all at once. Learn More Here.

How to Make Facebook Posts Stand Out

Want to Get Your Facebook Posts Seen, Clicked, and Shared? Add an Image to Make Them Stand Out. collects interesting content on a variety of subjects from all over the web. You can search by keyword or if you connect Digg to your Twitter account, use their new tool, Digg Deeper, which analyzes what people you follow are reading and sharing and then bases content suggestions on that information. Learn More Here. allows you to search for a specific topic on social media, to let you see what others are sharing. It even allows you to go deeper, by analyzing how many links or photos about a topic have been recently shared and giving you information about whether a certain word or phrase is trending. If you want your tweet to be tagged with the most popular, trendy tags, use Topsy. Find Out More Here.

The Needs gives you personalized suggestions for blog posts, social updates, videos and articles to share based on the interests you specify. It also analyzes posts you’ve liked and shared in the past, to provide hyper-targeted suggestions, based on what you’re most interested in. You can use it to share content on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Find Out More Here.

How to Optimize Google Plus Posts

The first 10 or so words of your Google Plus post will become a headline in Google searches, so give some thought to how to start your post

Other Social Media Sharing Tips

Want more information on how to really excel on social media? Read the following articles for advanced social media tips:


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    • It works really well! With the free version you get 8 shares per week and you can choose to post immediately or later. If you choose the later option, Hootsuite picks a time for you, based on optimal visibility. Of course there’s a paid version, but the free one is really quite good!

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