HotDudes Reading: The Hottest Account on Instagram Right Now

Reading on Instagram Photo Samuel LahozBecause What’s Better Than Hot Dudes? Hot Dudes Reading.

Among the thousands of reading and book-inspired Instagram accounts, a few stand out. Right now, the “literary” Instagram page that’s getting the most attention on the interwebs is HotDudesReading (see it here) which is all about, as you might have guessed, men reading in public. Men that someone has deemed hot. Okay, men that most people would deem hot.

Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account

Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram

What is it about a man with a book in his hand that many find so attractive? Is it the suggestion of erudition and sensitivity? Is it the fantasy that you could sidle up to one of them with a question about the relative merits of Shakespeare vs. Cervantes and have him make some smart remark about how they died in the same year? SWOON!

Hot Dudes Reading Instagram Literary

Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram

Or maybe it’s the fact that these men are sensitive and good looking and not paying attention to anything but the book in their hands. We always want what we can’t have, as the old saying goes. Well these men are clearly wrapped up in literature and, for whatever reason, that has taken the HotDudes Reading Instagram page from Jude the Obscure to Beloved.  Scroll down to get a peek at why this is the hottest literary Instagram account right now.

Hot dudes reading 1

Uh, Readers+Writers Journal has an Instagram account. In case anyone’s curious. No hot dudes reading, but it has some very nice author quotes. In case you need a break from the hotness, follow it here.

Hot dudes reading 2


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