Classic Book Covers Re-Imagined with Pop Culture Characters

Classic Novel Covers Updated with Pop Culture ReferencesClassic Novels Covers Get Pop Culture Makeover

Illustrator and popular culture enthusiast David Hamilton (aka Wintersixfour) is a reader and lover of popular culture who has combined his passions and used his considerable artistic talent to fashion  classic novel covers, re-imagined. Hamilton’s versions use television and movie characters as cover art, resulting in some very clever pairings of classic books with modern cinema and television icons.

His version of Turgenev’s Father’s and Sons, for instance, features a famous father/son duo from the movie “Star Wars.”

fathers-and-sons wintersixfour

Hamilton explains the motivation behind his book cover transformation project:

“I enjoy a good read (well, who doesn’t) but I particularly enjoy the experience of holding a real book rather than the modern experience of downloading a novel to a tablet. That’s just not the same at all. Add to that, a paperback’s cover can become like the well worn face of an old family friend; every crease and scuff picked up as it’s read and re-read are like a map of its life.

Being at a loose end one day, I thought it’d be fun to recreate some classic book covers using icons from TV and movies. Modern covers can be a little bland, but I do like the style of Penguin and Oxford Classics, so I used those for inspiration. As a finishing touch, I “weathered” every one and over the course of the next couple of weeks I came up with 20 books.”

More Classic Novel Covers Featuring Movie and TV Characters

George Sand Indiana Jones Wintersixfour

Sand…Indiana…Indiana Jones…

The Best Within Zola Hulk Cover Wintersixfour

The Incredible Hulk as Emile Zola’s “Beast Within”

Crime and Punishment Robocop Book Cover Wintersixfour

Robocop illustrates the cover of “Crime and Punishment”

Trollope with Griswold family Wintersixfour

The Griswold family from the “Vacation” movie series on the cover of Fanny Trollope’s 19th century travelogue, “Domestic Manners of the Americans”

The Red and the Black with Hellboy Characters Wintersixfour

Characters from the comic and movie series “Hellboy” on Stendhal’s ‘The Red and the Black”

Kafka metamorphosis the fly cover Wintersixfour

On the re-imagined cover of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis,” Gregor Samsa becomes The Fly…which is still better than becoming a cockroach

Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra as 2001 Space Odyssey

Nietzsche’s seminal philosophical novel “Thus Spake Zarathustra” gets a makeover featuring a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Does Hal count as an Übermensch?

Wilkie Collins Basil Fawlty by Wintersixfour

Wilkie Collins probably imagined a different Basil. Here he’s depicted as John Cleese playing Basil Fawlty in the television series “Fawlty Towers”

More of David Hamilton’s work can be seen on his website, by following Wintersixfour on Twitter, and on his Bored Panda Page.


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