The Raven of Dusk: Transcendence, by Anthony Greer

Book Review The Raven of Dusk TranscendenceSociopolitical Commentary Drives Sci-Fi Epic

Anthony Greer’s The Raven of Dusk: Transcendence uses various viewpoints and the distinct voices of its characters to tell the story of the planet  Noreis’ descent into chaos and persecution. Greer uses an action-packed plot and engaging storytelling skills to create a complete and original world where a few individuals struggle against a seemingly inevitable world-wide extinction. The Raven of Dusk is a complicated book, filled with full-fledged characters and metaphors about political abuse, totalitarianism and power that will resonate with inveterate sci-fi fans and those interested in how the political impacts the personal.

From the Book Description

The Ravens are watching.

They are hiding in the shadows of a vibrant and prosperous world where women rule among men, disputes are fickle, and a bright history is being written.

They are hiding in the alleys between skyscrapers that can kiss the heavens, in cities were crystal-coated streets crunch like rock candy beneath your feet, and near the waterfronts where the sea glistens and sparkles as far as the eye can wander.

They are hiding when Raiden Arias begins a journey of vengeance, where his son’s life may be held in the balance.

They are hiding when Eliza Bennihan finds herself encased in a mysterious white glow while Vila Pirral, a political animal she longs to intern for, is on the verge of giving birth to a child that should not exist.

They are hiding when Koston Donnick, a beloved dynastic hero, finds his only solace in his darkest secrets while his son falls into moral depravity and his queen’s allies are turning against her.

They are hiding when one man’s desire to learn of the Transcendence Theory causes ripples in the world of Noreis’ placid fabric and threatens the long-standing peace of its inhabitants.

They are hiding when political ties begin to shift and break, and when unlikely alliances are forming, and when betrayals are devastating. And as dawn sheds light on the beginning of the end of days, only one thing is certain: whatever once caused a world-wide extinction thousands of years ago threatens to repeat itself, the Ravens know their place on the global chessboard.

And they know that it is time to make their presence known.


About the Author

Anthony GreerAnthony Greer is a slightly off-kilter contradiction. Sometimes he is a leaf on the wind and rides the sky waves wherever they him. He’s a great conversationalist as long as you don’t talk during Game of Thrones or Big Brother, and incredibly nice when he wants to trade resources with you in Settlers of Catan (don’t do it! It’s a trap!!!).

He was raised amongst the olive-skinned natives of a Long Island town before transplanted to the rain-coated, black coffee loving capital of the Starbucks world. He learned early after being too school for cool that bartending supported his addiction to structuring sentences into stories of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and Young Adult.

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