Book Review: The Shouting Man by Fiona McShane

Book Review- The Shouting Man Contemporary Romance

Love, Mystery and Guilt in an Irish Coastal Town

The Shouting Man by Fiona McShane

Fey O’Brien is a young woman driven by a passion to write. Shortly after she and her husband move to a small harbor town in rural Ireland, Fey discovers another passion: Alec, a man accused of murdering his own parents, who is shunned and called crazy by the rest of the townspeople. Both Fey and Alec are married, but when both of their spouses die, they find that shame, guilt and fear are bigger obstacles to love than they realized.

McShane’s “The Shouting Man” is both a dark, tragic romance and a mystery that is reminiscent of classics like Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca.” Its setting, the Irish town of Port Dubh, is integral to the love story, almost as though it is another character, and the author’s descriptions of the Irish coast and rural life are poetic and evocative. The story is complex and explores the ways in which societal expectations, combined with our own emotions get in the way of what we truly want.

Though set in contemporary Ireland, “The Shouting Man” feels very much like an old fashioned novel that takes its time describing its settings and its characters’ inner lives. Filled with unexpected twists and mysteries to be solved before the two lovers can be together, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read that lovers of epic romance will find especially satisfying.

From the Book Description:

Grief is difficult enough when it is pure and simple; it is even more difficult when it is tainted by guilt.

Fey O’Brien has been in love with Alec Cusack, a farmer and fisherman, from the moment she moved to the coastal village of Port Dubh. She was in love with him long before her husband died – so much so that she paid no heed to the rumours. Maybe Alec’s father killed his mother and then himself; that is, after all, what the inquest decided. Or could what the locals say be true: did Alec Cusack kill at least one of his parents?

After the death of Alec’s wife, suspicion follows Alec once again. As he and Fey are growing closer, guilt takes over, and Fey leaves Port Dubh. She begins a relationship with Shane Wilde, an artist. Shane is rich, handsome, and liked by all. But Fey cannot get Alec Cusack off her mind.

She returns to the coast, and embarks on a trip to Ewes’ Rest, the island where Alec’s parents met their deaths. Will Fey’s time on the island finally reveal the truth? Or will it bring new and unexpected dangers her way?


About the Author

Fiona McShane lives in (very) rural Ireland with a husband, a cat and a dog.  She spends most of her time writing, but every now and then takes a break for a cup of coffee.
The Shouting Man is her first work of fiction. Since its release, she has also published Book One of the Wolf Land Series; the second in that series will be out this September.  Feel free to connect with Fiona on Twitter or Goodreads.
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