Book Review: This Book Needs a Title by Theodore Ficklestein

this book needs a title reviewNon-Traditional Poetry. Very Non-Traditional.

The second volume of poetry by Theodore Ficklestein. Didn’t read the first volume? Have no idea what this volume is about? Don’t worry. Neither does anyone else. This is poetry by an author you have never heard of, which of course makes this just your average poetry book.

This Book Needs a Title, the second book of poetry by Theodore Ficklestein, is a collection of short poems that are both thought-provoking and funny in the sense that they use humor to illuminate a deeper truth. Ficklestein’s self-deprecating style and his acute sense of irony are evident immediately in poems like “Last Guy You Should Quote”, where he skewers the pomposity surrounding poetry slams and the self-importance of most poets with lines like “Why are you listening to the words I am saying to you? I’m afraid this question is the only thing I’m good for.”

Poems like “Why I Hate Doctors,” (“Could it be that I don’t like being told what is wrong with my body? That another human being could know more about it than me?”) and “Defining Love”  (“I don’t know what love is. No one does. And that may be why it is so precious”) are musings on everyday life that will resonate with most readers, while Ficklestein’s unusual take on subjects like prayer, the hero worship surrounding fame (“All the idols are illusions. All the shows are fabrications made for you to put your money down.”) and on the darker sides of human nature are often startling.

This Book Needs a Title is reminiscent of popular humorous poetry books like David Bader’s Haiku for Jews and Judith Viorst’s I’m Too Young to be Seventy and Other Delusions – all contain short, funny poems filled with dry wit and keen observation that skewer conventional wisdom.Each poem in This Book Needs a Title is like a little gem that makes you want to read more.

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About the Author

Theodore’ Ficklestein’s writing has appeared in literary journals like Nuthouse Magazine and Avalon Literary Magazine. He describes himself this way:

“I’m not really a person who likes to describe himself.
I think that sums it up pretty well.
Honestly I’m filling this out because I have to.

On serious note I did write a book.”

To learn more, visit his blog, “This Blog Needs a Title” or follow him on Twitter

Also by Theodore Ficklestein

This Book Needs a Title, Volume 1

This Book Needs a Title, Volume 1


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