Read My Book: How to Find Readers on Twitter

Twitter for Book MarketingThe Simple Method for Finding New Readers on Social Media

All authors, whether self-published or traditionally published, are in search of new readers for their books. But if you’ve been marketing your book for any length of time, you know that sourcing new readers isn’t easy. In a saturated market, writers and publishers are competing for readers’ attention, and simply blasting a link to your book on Twitter or other social media isn’t necessarily your best option. How do you know who you’re reaching? How do you find readers who will actually be interested in your book?

Target Readers Who are Already Interested in Your Book

By using Twitter’s search tool, you can easily find readers who are already interested in your book – even if they don’t know it yet! Specifically, the search function allows authors to pinpoint readers who are interested in the same type of book as theirs. Follow the steps below and chances are that you will find a goldmine of potential readers. All it takes is a little time and some social media reciprocity.

twitter burstGet Started:

Using the search function on Twitter, type in the name of popular books in your genre. For instance, if you’re a writer of Young Adult fantasy, you might type “Harry Potter” into the search field. Then scroll down, and you’ll find readers who mention Harry Potter in their Tweets. Chances are, if they’re talking about Harry Potter, they’re interested in YA fantasy. Note: you’ll have to weed through some accounts that aren’t relevant, but if you take a few minutes, you will eventually find individuals who mention the book you’ve searched for.

Remember to click the “All” link at the top so you can see every Tweet that includes your search phrase, not just the most popular Tweets.

Search for New Readers

Then, review the search results and to find users who are readers in your genre.   Click on the names and the user  profiles will pop up – click each one to follow them. Many of the people you follow will follow you back and will therefore see posts about your book.

Target Fans of Similar Authors

twitter burstUsing the same method, type the name of a well-known author who writes in your genre or who writes books similar to yours. For example, if you write historical romance, you might want to search for author Beverly Jenkins, who has written over 30 best selling books in that genre. If you’re not sure how to find best selling authors in your genre, check Amazon’s list of bestselling books, and then select a sub-category or Google “NY Times Best Sellers (your genre)”. Chances are, if these readers are Beverly Jenkins fans, they might be interested in your books.

find readers author search

Follow the accounts that mention the author you’ve searched for, and you may have found a new fan base.

Make Finding Readers on Twitter Work for You

This simple method only works if you’re willing to put in some time to think about and research books and authors in your genre. And, like everything on Twitter, it works best when you follow the “give to get” rule. Social media is about reciprocity, so no matter how many accounts you follow, if you’re not interacting with others, liking and re-tweeting others’ Tweets and posting interesting content, you won’t see much benefit from following readers. And remember the Golden Twitter Rule: Don’t over promote!

give-it-a-restStudies of “optimal” numbers of Tweets per day put the number at 5. After 5 tweets, engagement drops off. If you’re Tweeting 5 times a day, only 3 of them should be promotional.

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