Buzzfeed Announces Emerging Writers Fellowship

buzzfeedBuzzfeed Offering $12,000 and 4 Months of Mentorship

Internet powerhouse Buzzfeed has announced a 4 month fellowship for emerging writers. Consonant with its recent efforts to break out of the viral-meme and listicle mold that made it famous, the site recently hired Saeed Jones as its literary editor. The new fellowship appears to be an attempt to increase Buzzfeed’s credibility in the world of hard news, reporting, and books. Since its inception, Buzzfeed Books has been impressively diverse and visible. Clearly, the site is committed to continuing the Buzzfeed books imprint.

Buzzfeed Fellowship Details

From the Buzzfeed site: “With the mission of diversifying the broader media landscape by investing in the next generation of necessary voices, BuzzFeed’s Emerging Writers Fellowship is designed to give writers of great promise the support, mentorship, and experience necessary to take a transformative step forward in their careers.

During the four-month program, the writers in this fellowship will benefit from career mentorship and editorial guidance while also receiving financial support. The learning process must be financially viable for emerging writers if it is intended to open the gates to writers traditionally locked out of opportunities in media.

These writers will focus on personal essay writing, cultural reportage, and profiles. During their time in fellowship, writers will be expected to pitch, report, and write with the added benefit of writing workshops, panel discussions with editors and writers from throughout the industry, and assigned readings. Mentorship within the program will focus on teaching writers how to thrive as freelancers as well as on staff at media organizations; this mentorship will hopefully continue well after the fellowship itself is concluded.”

The fellowship pays $12,000 and the deadline to apply is October 1st, 2015. The fellowship begins in January 2016.

To learn more and to apply, see the application guidelines.


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