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Readers+Writers Journal’s new series on affordable services for self-published authors begins with the most important part of your book (aside from the words inside): book covers.

Do Book Covers Matter?

How important are book covers to selling your self-published book? Smashwords founder Mark Coker says they’re key. According to Coker, “In addition to promising what a book will deliver, the [cover] image also promises (or fails to promise) that the author is a professional, and that the book will honor the reader’s time.”

Coker reports that Smashwords has seen example after example of cover changes that made an enormous impact on sales. As Coker documents in his free ebook, The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, romance author R.L. Mathewson, went from selling five or six copies a day of her novel,Playing for Keeps, to over 1,000 a day after a cover update.

Book Cover Designs Improve Sales

Book Covers and Selling Online

According to The Alliance of Independent Authors, “Research shows that a book’s cover is even more important to online customers than those browsing in a bricks-and-mortar bookshop. This is because time-pressed internet book shoppers often buy on the strength of the cover, title, and one-line description alone. With the right cover, these buying habits will work in your favor.

Talented Designers You Can Afford

After talking to self-published authors, we’ve compiled a list of affordable and talented book cover designers. In the next few weeks we will be presenting a few of them. Up first: Damonza Design.

Book Design Ideas

About Damonza: Founded by Damon Freeman in 2012, Damonza started designing covers and has since expanded to internal formatting for e-books and book trailers. Their team has designed over 2000 covers, some for New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors.

Services: Cover Design, Pre-designed Cover templates, Print and eBook Formatting, Book Trailers.


  • Pre-designed, customizable cover templates that are never re-used for other books – $195;
  • eBook cover design from scratch (with 2 options) – $495;
  • Book Trailer packages starting at $995.

What We Like: Even their pre-designed templates are high quality, exceptionally professional and appealing. The custom design packages always include 2 designs and revisions. Their design team is versatile, meaning they can design for a variety of genres and subjects. 100% money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for covers that are as high quality and as well designed as the covers you see on major bestsellers, Damonza is a good choice. While they are not the absolute rock bottom in terms of price, the quality of the product makes these covers a great deal.

Book Cover Galleries

Click on image for larger version

Pre-Designed Templates

Custom Designs

For More Information, Visit Damonza’s Site

Do you have a book cover designer you’d like to see reviewed? Is there a service you’d like to see covered on Readers+Writers Journal? Contact us and let us know!

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