The Top 10 Apps Every Writer Needs

Best Writing AppsThe 10 Most Useful Apps for Every Writer

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned pro, you know that you can’t control when and where inspiration strikes. Instead of arming yourself with pen and paper wherever you go or using your cell phone to send yourself an email with a writing idea, check out some of the newest and most handy apps for writing right from your phone.

Brainstormer Brainstormer – $1.99

The Brainstormer provides an almost endless supply of fiction writing exercises. Ideas from The Brainstormer can spark a quick flash fiction workout, ignite short stories, or even kick off entire screenplays or novels. You can also use the World Builder to create rich and unexpected settings, and the Character Builder wheel to create fascinating three dimensional characters, or try the Sci-Fi Brainstormer for a sci-fi flavor.

Storytracker appStoryTracker – $4.99

If you submit stories and articles to magazines an websites, this app is a must-have. Easily keep track of when and where you have submitted stories, novels, poems, scripts, and articles.

agent obviousAgent Obvious – Free

Laurie Abkemeier spent six years as an editor at a major publishing house before becoming an agent. She created this app to provide short insights and kicks-in-the-butt on subjects ranging from contracts to pitches.  She also has a funny and useful Agent Obvious blog on Tumblr.

WordbookWordbook – $1.99

Any writer knows that a top notch dictionary is key. This one has a built in thesaurus, pronunciation guide, pop-up word suggestions and etymology information.

goodreader_iconGoodreader – $4.99

The most comprehensive  on-the-go editing app. Convert any document into PDF form and then mark it up, add sticky notes, highlight, insert text and sync it all to other devices.

draft_improvedDraft – Free

Easy word processing with optional collaboration. Write and then share with anyone you give access. Changes are not automatically added to your draft until you okay them. Use the ingenious Hemingway Mode to force you to write – it will not allow you to go back and edit until you shift back to normal mode. Great for writers who procrastinate or get stuck on editing as they work.

evernote-iconEvernote – Free

The ultimate note taking app. Allows you to write whatever comes to mind – wherever you are, and then sync your notes to other devices. Also includes an organizer function and allows you to save notes alongside web articles you’ve saved, photos, to-do lists and other notes. One of the most flexible and intuitive apps for writers ever conceived.

StorehouseStorehouse – Free

Apple’s 2014 Design Award winner merges words and images beautifully. Easily create multi-faceted narratives that blend text, photos and video. Even if you’re not a writer who regularly uses images, many writers have found Storehouse to be a useful tool for coming up with story ideas and visualizing characters. Give it a try – it’s free and it might just open up a whole new world of writing.

Namedice Namedice Random Character Name Generator – Free

If you’ve ever accidentally given your villain a name that’s very similar to a relative’s name, you’ll appreciate this handy little app that names characters for you. Contains thousands of first and last names for millions of combinations.

A Novel IdeaA Novel Idea – Free

An easy-to-use story plotting tool that lets you create  characters, locations, scenes, and novels and then link them together to create your story’s plot. The Idea feature lets you to quickly write down your creative sparks and link them to  story elements. Arrangescenes by dragging and dropping them into place.

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