Books for National Kissing Day

KissesFrom How to Kiss to Kisses in Art – Celebrate with Kisses

Happy national kissing day! If you weren’t aware that today is a holiday, don’t fret. We’ve assembled some books to help you get into the spirit of this important festival.

The Kissing Sailor

The mystery behind Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic WW II photo 

Kissing Techniques

Relationship expert Taylor D’Aotino reveals everything you need to know to master the art of kissing.

Kissing Field Guide

Get your smooch on with all the different tricks and tips in this handy guide by bestselling author and columnist Violet Blue.

Kissing in America

Acclaimed writer Margo Rabb’s Kissing in America is “a wonderful novel about friendship, love, travel, life, hope, poetry, intelligence, and the inner lives of girls,” raves bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love).

The Science of Kissing

From a noted science journalist comes a fascinating exploration of how and why we kiss.
When did humans begin to kiss?  Do good kissers make the best lovers? And is that expensive lip-plumping gloss worth it?

Kisses in Art

Over 130 of the greatest depictions of the kiss in art are accompanied by insightful commentary in this handsome volume.


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