The Best Apps for Book Lovers

Apps for Book LoversCool Apps That Make Reading Even Better

As more and more consumers turn to their mobile devices instead of old fashioned books, the world of reading apps is rapidly expanding. Sites like Amazon, Google Play, Goodreads and Kobo have had excellent reading apps for several years, but we wanted to highlight some apps for readers that you may not know about yet. Apps that make finding free books easier, apps that help you find your next favorite book, and apps that help you organize your reading. Below is our list of some of the coolest and most ingenious apps for book lovers.

mzl.kqumoylk.175x175-75eBook Search Pro – $.99

A powerful tool for finding free books, eBook Search Pro links you to seven different free book catalogs and allows you to download them right from your device.

Shelfie Reading AppShelfie – Free

An ingenious app that allows you to take a photo of your book shelf and then (somehow) searches a database to find which books you already own are available in downloadable form. The best part is: if you already own a hard copy, you can get the eBook version for free! This is a great app for travelers who want to bring along some favorite books without having to lug around hardcovers.

23,469 Classics To Go23,469 Classics To Go – Free

A catalog of of over 20,000 classics of literature, all free. Download and read from the app, or use the app to download and read on another device.

Book Cataloging AppBookCrawler – Free

A cataloging app that allows you to keep track of all the books you’ve read. Log your books, categorize them, search and back up your database. For the obsessive book lover, this one is a must!.

Independent books AppWattpad eBook Reader – Free

The number one source of independently published books, now in app form.

Unlimited Books AppOyster – $9.95 per Month for Unlimited Books

The Netflix of books lets you read as many books as you want per month. Choose from a catalog of over 1 million bestsellers, award winners and lesser known books.

Leevru Book Club AppLeevru – Free

An app that lets you follow some of the biggest book clubs, without actually joining. Follow book suggestions from clubs all over the world and suggestions from niche-specific clubs or use the book suggestion feature to find new books based on what you’ve already read and liked.

Zola Reading AppZola – Free

A reading app that comes pre-loaded with over 200,000 classics combined with a social media site that lets you compare and talk about books with people from your contacts list, Twitter and Facebook.

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