Debate: Amazon is the Reader’s Friend

IQ2 Sam Lahoz

photo: Samuel Lahoz/IQ2

 Is Amazon Good for Readers and Writers?

In January 2015 the live debate series Intelligence Squared U.S. held a formal debate in New York City on whether the rise of Amazon has been good for readers. Held in formal debate style and moderated by ABC News correspondent and author Jon Donovan, 4 panelists debated about the impact of Amazon’s dominance on readers. The panelists arguing that Amazon is good for readers were author and self-publishing pioneer Joe Konrath and Matthew Yglesias, Executive Editor of Vox. Arguing against the motion were Franklin Foer, the former editor of The New Republic and author Scott Turow.

Photo: Samuel Lahoz

Debate Highlights

The all-important rebuttal round, where each team summed up their main arguments, gives the highlights of the Amazon debate:

Or watch the “Amazon is Good for Readers” debate in its entirety:


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