Scary, but Necessary: Professional Beta Reads

On the importance of other viewpoints. Great article!

Word Vagabond

by Suzanne Lahna

I’m a big fan of hard truths in writing. I prefer to be terse, cut to the chase, and end stories on a note that shares very close relation to a mic drop.

Hard truth the first – writing isn’t scary. Writing is easy. It’s a private thing where you can shirk the company of anyone for as long or as little time as you need, a time when ridiculous actions and insane excuses become perfectly valid. You need this type of tea and this exact type set, and also this cat or this dog, and also to watch the sun set from a window while you work; because that’s how your muse works. The only thing easier than writing is not writing at all.

Close-up of secretary’s hands doing paperwork

Hard truth the second – sharing your writing is one of the most terrifying things on this planet, second perhaps only to…

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