Featured Book: Growth, A Novel

growth treePersonal Growth Through Loss

Growth, by Troy S. Gamble is a novel about the rise and fall and rise of one Peter Copeland, middle-aged insurance case reviewer. Convinced by a love interest that he can become a great poet, Peter throws away his old life and takes a chance on literary fame and fortune. His road to poetic success turns out to be a rocky one.

Burdened with debt and on the verge of giving up, Peter’s fortunes take a turn for the better when the world economy’s fortunes are failing. Through a circuitous set of circumstances and chances, he finds that his dreams are beginning to come true. Though not, perhaps, in the way he expected.

Growth is a story about chances taken and chances lost and about the wisdom that can be gained through hardship. A sweeping work of philosophical fiction, it is a thought provoking and often poetic look at the illusory nature of success.

From Inside the Book

Family, house, job – everything went to the dogs when a student girlfriend convinced Peter Copeland, an ageing insurance case reviewer, that he, in his very late forties, still had a chance to become someone else, namely a great poet.

Three years later Peter is alone, penniless, paralysed with anguish and apathy and bombarded with unpaid bills and eviction notes. Against all odds he continues with his pursuits and very soon, to his complete surprise, finds himself on the other side of his life among people bizarre, dazzling and dangerous, in the middle of a huge financial turmoil which threatens the very foundations of the modern economy.

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About the Author

Troy S. GambleTroy S. Gamble was born out of a bet. His uncle, also Troy and also Gamble but G., made a bet with his brother Draymond that Draymond couldn’t get Troy’s mother (that is, the mother of yet unborn Troy S. Gamble and not the mother of Troy G. Gamble, Draymond G. Gamble and Minnie Furshow, née Gamble as well) into bed in a week. Later Troy S. Gamble worked as a shop assistant, a salesman for a plastic surgery supplies company and a representative of the Raymond Roussel’s literary estate in Canada. He also owned his own microbrewery, briefly. He was entirely self-educated. He started writing late in life and to date produced a novel and several blog posts of various length.

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