Self Publishing on…Instagram?

 Ad Executive is Publishing a Page a Day

He may very well be the first to do it – publish an entire book on Instagram. Not coincidentally, Jason Sperling works in advertising and his book, “Look at Me When I’m Talking to You” is about winning over consumers who have become jaded by over-exposure to multiple forms of media. One of the key points of Sperling’s 160 page InstaBook is that advertisers must find consumers on the platforms or sites they’re already using and the author is practicing what he preaches, unveiling a new illustrated or animated page each day on Instagram, the popular photo sharing site with 300 million monthly users.

Sperling explains that “Leveraging Instagram to discuss the challenges of advertising today is an actual demonstration of one of the premises of my book—wholeheartedly connect with consumers where they naturally consume content in a way that matches their habits.” Author of "Look at Me When I'm Talking to You"

Sperling is an Executive Creative Director at RPA and has been involved in creating award-winning campaigns and memorable commercials like “Matthew Broderick’s Day Off,” Honda’s 2012 Super Bowl ad.

Previews of “Look at Me When I’m Talking to You,” which is illustrated by Nik Piscitello and animated by Cameron Sperling, were pre-released on June first.  Follow the book’s account @lookatmebook.

ps: Jason is offering to record an animation of himself singing any song to the first 10 people who share a link to the book on social media.

E.T. CarltonE.T. Carlton is a writer and book marketing consultant who covers literary and publishing news.

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