Book Review – We Could Fall

We Could Fall Literary Romance

A Literary Romance About Mid-Life Choices

We Could Fall, by Kate Moschandreas

Emmy is a 42-year old psychotherapist. Married. A mom. We Could Fall is the story of one pivotal month in her life. A month in which she learns that her husband doesn’t want the divorce Emmy thought they had agreed to, the famous actor who is her psychotherapy client is in love with her, and, surprisingly, she may be in love with him. Yet this is not a romance novel in the traditional sense.  Though the story line follows the end of one relationship and the beginning of another, throughout the novel,  author Kate Moschandreas is as concerned with portraying Emmy’s inner life as she is with the romantic details. On one level, the tension in the story comes from the choice between two men that Emmy must make, but on another, more satisfying level, it is about the heroine’s choice between the life she is leading and the one she thinks she may be able to have. Will Emmy allow her self-doubt and fears about the consequences of her actions paralyze her into staying in an unhappy but familiar situation or will she take a leap of faith into the Emmy that could be?

The creation of three-dimensional, complex characters who remain real in the reader’s mind long after the book is finished is one of the more mysterious aspects of writing fiction. Author Cory Doctorow has said, about creating his characters, “they become people, and writing them feels more like you’re recounting something that happened than something you’re making up.” Moschandreas is a first-time author who, in her biography, relates the story of a snippet of dialogue that popped into her head one day and eventually morphed into an entire story and then a novel, almost as though the characters already existed and just needed their story told. That is how the characters here feel – engaging, relatable and real. We Could Fall shows Kate Moschandreas’ remarkable ability to tell the stories of her characters’ complex emotions imaginatively and beautifully.

We Could Fall by Kate Moschandreas


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