Margaret Atwood’s Secret Manuscript

Atwood and secret manuscript

Atwood delivers the secret manuscript for Scribbler’s Moon. Photo by Kristin von Hirsch

Readers Will Have to Wait 100 Years to Read Atwood’s Scribbler Moon

Booker Prize winning novelist Margaret Atwood has been hard at work on a new novel for the past year. But the manuscript, and even the fact that she was working on it, has been kept secret, until now.

Atwood’s novel, “Scribbler Moon” is part of the Future Library project. Which means that it will not be read until 2114. The trees that will be made into the paper to print the text were planted last year, in Norway.

“There’s something magical about it,” says Atwood. “It’s like Sleeping Beauty. The texts are going to slumber for 100 years and then they’ll wake up, come to life again.”

Confused? Listen to the story of Margaret Atwood’s secret manuscript on NPR.


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