Gifts For Word Nerds

Grammar MugsFunny Grammar Mugs Remind You to Choose Your Words Carefully

If you are grammar obsessed (or just annoyed by common grammar errors) you may want to pick up a set of grammar mugs to give to the worst grammar offender on your gift list. Grammar mugs 2

The set of 6 mugs graphically highlight common usage mistakes. One clearly illustrates the difference between their, they’re and their, while another provides a handy and not-so subtle reminder that you’re not literally dying for a cup of tea.

The mugs come from the 2013 book 2013 A Mug’s Guide to Grammar. They are available from The Literary Gift Company.

Other Gifts for Grammar Nazis:

I judge you when you use poor grammar book

Funny Grammar Errors Book

Grammar mug

Your/You’re Mug

grammar nazi magnet

Grammar Nazi Etiquette Magnet


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