Free Book Promotion on Social Media: CoPromote

 Social Media for Authors CoPromoteAccess Thousands on Social Media for Free

CoPromote is a website (there’s also an app) that links people with similar interests so that they can share each others’ content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. There are paid plans, but the free plan is  a good option that allows access to thousands of potential re-tweets and shares.

How Authors Can Use CoPromote

Sign up for free and CoPromote will ask you to link your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. You can link all 3 or just one. It will then ask you to select 3 interests so that it can match you to members whose content is similar to yours.

The next step is choosing the content you want to promote (CoPromote calls it “boosting.”) It shows your most recent shares from Twitter, Facebook, etc. and you select which one you want other co-promoters to share from their accounts. Free members can only boost 1 at a time.

Once you have picked the tweet or post you want boosted, you are shown posts and tweets from other users with similar interests.  You select which post or tweet you would like to re-tweet or post. You’re also able to see how many followers each user has on each social media platform. There are usually many to choose from, and you can choose as many as you want.

CoPromote has a video that explains how it works:

Give More Get More

You are given credits based on how many tweets or posts created by other members you elect to share from your social media account. The more you share from other users, the more the content you’re boosting gets shared. The shares are in the form of re-tweets or re-posts, and there is no mention of CoPromote in the re shares.

Pros & Cons

  • You sometimes have to sift through potential tweets and Facebook posts that have nothing to do with your interests and that you probably wouldn’t want to appear on your social media.
  • CoPromote sometimes runs out of relevant content about books, writing and reading.
  • You cannot choose when other CoPromoters share your content. The number of shares you get is also based on how many followers you have. For instance, this site has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, and we get access to a large number of share opportunities on those sites. But we have under 100 followers on Tumblr and therefore have access to many fewer Tumblr shares.
  • But even with its limitations, the free account provides access to the large social networks of others, meaning potential readers you haven’t reached yet. Check it out and see if it works for you.
Social Media Book Marketing Screenshot

From a recent Readers+Writers Journal CoPromote Boost. You can see the name of the post, how many people shared it and how many new people the post reached.

Hints for Making it Work for Book Promotion

  • If you’re sharing book-related content, you’ll want to choose the “Media and Entertainment” section when you select your interests. From there, you can get more specific and choose “Fiction and Literature” or “Thrillers” or “Suspense.” Even if you write in a specific genre, you may want to stick with “Fiction and Literature” to reach the broadest audience possible.
  • Make sure the tweet or post you’re boosting is properly tagged. If you’re not sure what tags work best for book promotion, take a look at our list.
  • Tweets and posts with images get more attention on social media. Make sure you’ve attached a photo of your book cover or other graphic. Ideal graphic sizes for posts are: 1200 x 628 for Facebook and 1,024 x 512 for Twitter. No idea what that means or how to make graphics in those sizes? Try using Canva, a free graphics program that’s online and that has dozens of pre-sized graphics that you can customize and add images to. It’s one of Readers+Writers Journal’s favorite sources for quick graphics.

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