Literalogue: Part Art, Part Catalog of Literary Greats

Literalogue Postcard BoxIf You’ve Always Dreamed of Owning Literary Flashcards…

Literalougue may just be for you. The project, to create literary posters that are also a genre cataloging system, is currently fundraising on Kickstarter. It is the brainchild of John O’Sullivan, a 24-year -old architecture graduate and designer based in London, England.

Literary Genre posters

What is Literalogue?

High quality portraits of literary figures, cataloged by literary movements. There are currently both postcards and posters available, and the entire collection presents a visual guide to literary movements from the last 500 years. There are portraits of poets, authors and writers available, covering  over 40 major literary movements.

Find a Literary Movement by Matching Nose Colors

Oscar Wilde_Postcard_Front and Rear

Each writer’s portrait is accompanied by a quote. And each writer has a color-coded nose, based on which literary movement and time period he or she belongs to. The back of each of the postcards has more information about the writer and movement.

Literary Posters Started Small

O’Sullivan never intended to create an art and poster company. The project started, he says, out of his own need to cover up some blank wall space.

“Literalogue is an idea that started last year with the intention of making three posters of the Beat poets (Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs) to cover a blank wall in my room, but very quickly expanded to include writers from the Bloomsbury Group and some Modernists and Postmodernists.

Being a lover of literature and design, and a stickler of lists and organisation, the project eventually turned into a huge endeavour including over 100 writers categorised into 40 literary movements using colour coded noses that represent each movement.

Why the noses? I intended to only have the movement name included as text on the bottom of each portrait, but after reviewing the concept and seeing as it should be a “Visual Guide to Literary Movements” I found a simple solution!”

More Information

You can buy a poster for £15 (about $23) or the set of 100 postcards for £20 (about $31.00). For ordering information, see Literalogue’s Kickstarter page.

Gallery of Images

Click one of the images below for a larger version. All images courtesy of Literalogue on Kickstarter.

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