Writing Prompts for Author Blogs: 35 Ideas to Get You Started

 Prompts for Blogs35 Writing Prompts for Your Author Blog or Guest Post

If you’re an author with a blog, you’ve probably run into a situation where you just cannot come up with an idea for your next post. Even the most creative and prolific writers sometimes run dry. Or if you’re an author who is hoping to submit guest posts and articles to other sites, but aren’t sure what topic to cover, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 50 suggestions for topics to use on your author blog or in guest posts. Feel free to add to this list using the comments section below the post.

For Your Own Blog

  1. Interview another author
  2. Create a musical playlist that goes with your novel’s theme, characters, setting, etc. (You can embed Itunes or Spotify playlists on many platforms.)
  3. Post photographs or artworks that inspire you, and explain why. Be sure to give proper credit for images that you don’t own.
  4. Discuss how you create characters. If some are based on real people, talk about who they are and what you changed when you created the character.
  5. Create reading lists from other authors who inspire you. You can have multiple posts using this same formula if you group them by genre (“My 10 Favorite Romance Novels”) and/or by other metrics (“The 5 Women Writers Who Inspire Me” “The Best Novels Published in 2014” etc.)
  6. Write up your thoughts on how to stay inspired and what keeps you going creatively (other books, nature, visual arts, your family)
  7. Give something up for a week (wine? tv? the internet?) and share the experience.
  8. Review other new books by self-published authors.
  9. Create a list of quotes from writers, about writing. Search Google for “writers on writing quotes”.
  10. Writing tips for other authors: if you’ve got a system or way that works best for you in terms of character creation or plot, share it with others. And/or share the process you went through to learn what writing techniques work best for you as an author.
  11. Conduct an interview with one of your characters.
  12. If your book were made into a movie, who would you cast in the main roles and why?
  13. Who is your favorite literary character of all-time? Why?
  14. Publishing news. These can be quick posts where you write a brief introduction to a news story and then link to it. Some sources for interesting publishing news: Lithub.com, Publisher’s Weekly, GalleyCat, and The Guardian Books.
  15. Review any paid or free book promotion tools you’ve used. Review services, listing your book in newsletters, etc.

For Guest Blog Posts or Articles on Other Sites

For Self-Publishing Focused Sites

  1. Why did you decide to self-publish?
  2. What’s the worst part/best part of self-publishing?
  3. Knowing what you know now, what would you change in your self-publishing experience? What advice would you give to other authors just starting out?
  4. What will the self-publishing industry look like in 5 years?
  5. A list of the highest-selling self-published authors of all time
  6. Ways independent authors can improve the self-publishing business
  7. 5 Self-publishing resources or sites every indie author should use
  8. 5 free ways to promote your book (for ideas, feel free to reference our database of free book marketing tools for authors)
  9. How to use social media/your experiences promoting books on social media
  10. The 5 best book blogs for…X (non-fiction reviews, free ebooks, publishing advice, etc.)

For More General Websites

If you are hoping to build your author brand and increase your visibility with guest posts and articles submitted to other sites, you will need to tailor the subject and tone of your writing to the particular site’s audience. Make sure you spend some time learning about any blog or website you’d like to write for before you submit a guest post or article.

  1. A list of the 10 best quotes about writing
  2. Resources for low cost and free books
  3. Write a humorous article that’s targeted to the general public on what it’s like to publish on Amazon, with a brief overview of the steps you have to go through, your book marketing efforts, and the mistakes you made along the way. Most people know very little about self-publishing and a well-crafted article about your experiences could be fascinating to a general audience.
  4. Share your experiences with getting bad book reviews and good ones. How do book reviews impact writers?
  5. Create a list of great books that got really bad reviews when they were first published. Include excerpts from some of the reviews.
  6. Put together a list of 10 novels every aspiring writer should read before he/she attempts to publish.
  7. Write an article focused on real-world writing challenges that many people face.  For instance “Tips on writing a condolence letter from an author” or “An author shows you how to write the perfect resume cover letter.” Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert on letter writing, the fact that you’re a published author will
  8. The best Twitter feeds for book lovers – assemble a list of authors and other book people that anyone interested in reading will want to follow.
  9. Create a quiz, using a site like Online Quiz Creator. The quiz could be on literary trivia, or it could be a personality assessment, such as “Which Literary Villain Are You?”
  10. A list, with images,  of the greatest book covers of all time/weirdest book covers of all time/worst book covers of all time

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