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7 Book Related Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you think a visual medium like Instagram can’t do justice to books and the written word, you haven’t spent enough time on Instagram lately. Authors, bloggers and book lovers are using the photographically driven social media platform in interesting and incredibly creative ways. Below are 7 Instagram accounts that any book lover should be following.

1. Brownbagfun BrownBagFun on Instagram

Michelle Floyd is a mom who is SERIOUS about the lunches she packs for her kids! She uses her creative side to decorate her kids’ lunch bags, often with book covers or literary themes. About how she started, Michelle says, I think I may gain more entertainment and joy out of the bags than the kids do, but I have a blast making them. I decided to start shoving some snacks into a bag and then it progressed from there.  In order to differentiate I would add their names…then small pictures…and then I got colored pencils and it was game on!”

brownbag fun the great gatsby brownbagfun alice in wonderland bag brownbagfun Horton Hears a Who

Michelle doesn’t sell them, but she does photograph and post them before they get pulverized in her kids’ backpacks. Follow brownbagfun here.

2. Citylightsbooks

The iconic San Francisco book store was integral to the birth of the Beat Poetry movement, and it is still going strong all these years later. Specializing in independent and often left-leaning books, the store and its Instagram account showcase books you can’t find anywhere else. Follow citylightsbooks here.

citylights castro

3. Riverheadbooks

This independent publisher specializes in diverse, quirky, unusual books and their Instagram account reflects that ethos. Creative photos of their books, literary quotes and mini-interviews with authors make this a standout account.  Follow riverheadbooks here.  

riverhead books 1 riverhead books quote riverhead books 3

4. Subway Book Review

The name says it all: mini-book reviews from people encountered in New York City’s vast subway system. Reading on the subway? You may just be approached for an impromptu review.  Follow subwaybookreview here.  

subway book 1

5. Random House Kids

The children’s book powerhouse shows a playful and creative side with quotes, book covers and scenes of readers. A charming and always fun account. Follow randomhousekids here.  

randomhousebooks 1 randomhousebooks 2

6. The Ernest Hemingway Foundation

Run by the museum of Hemingway’s birthplace in Illinois, EHFOP creates stunning 15 second videos of Hemingway’s books.  Follow EHFOP here.

7. Readers+Writers Journal

rwj on instagramWell we like it. Literary quotes, in stationary and movie form. Follow readerswritersjournal here.

Bonus: Buzzfeed Imagines “If Famous Writers Had Instagram

Charles Bukowski

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