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The Site That May Just Contain Every Cool Thing on the Web

open culture free books movies 700 free books for download to Kindle, Ipad and other devices. 550 free audio books. 700 free movies. 1,100 free online university courses from schools like MIT, Yale, and UC Berkeley. 300 free language lessons. 250 free k-12 lesson plans and apps.

And that’s just the beginning. If you’re not familiar with, you should pay it a visit. It is the largest resource of public domain and Creative Commons content on the web, and it is a not-for-profit site. But it’s more than a repository of free stuff that you have to sift through, hoping to find one single gem. It is a well curated and highly user-friendly source that highlights new and interesting offerings daily. Navigate to its front page and you will find articles, resources and fascinating tidbits like these:

Open Culture Billie Holiday  open culture George R R Martinopen culture david bowie top 100 books  open culture patti smith virginia woolf   open culture free art books  Open Culture Mad Men

We don’t usually advocate subscribing to newsletters (except ours) but Open Culture will put things in your inbox that you never knew you needed…but do. Follow them on Twitter for even more resources, free art, music, literature and courses. They even have certificate-granting courses. Totally free.

How have you lived without Open Culture for so long?

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