A Treasury of Offensive Books

Offensive Books – Real and Imagined

Real Books of the Past

The next time you feel like humankind hasn’t made enough progress, remind yourself that books like these wouldn’t get published now.  And feel a teeny bit better.

Strange Books Mainstreaming strange books feelings  racist book mickey mouse sexist book keeping women in line  horrible-book-titles-funny-2-209x300  f-to-burn

And Some Children’s Book Parodies

Offensive Books Zippy  Satirical-Childrens-Books-By-Bob-Staake-  children book parody skippy and the stripper pole  Offensive Children's Books  offensive children's books techniques bad childrens books imagined detox  bad childrens books imagined violin funniest-books-come-down-from-meth

One thought on “A Treasury of Offensive Books

  1. To be honest, every Dick and Jane book should be added to this list. My mom hated those when she was a kid. Dick was always running around doing cool stuff and Jane wasn’t. They did things considered gender appropriate at the time.


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