a Story of Summers by Sophia Scarlet

Erotic Romance With a Deeper Meaning

a Story of Summers by Sophia Scarlet

Georgiana Phillips has it all: beauty and brains and money. And a carefully built network of friends that help shield her from the loneliness of having lost her entire family as a teenager.

After the man she thinks she wants chooses another woman, she finds herself involved in a relationship with a stranger who she met on a run in the park. Finn Hayden – the stranger from the park – is confident and always in control and wants more from Georgiana than she is sure she can give, both emotionally and sexually.

Rose_Petal_by_Halo_Junkya Story of Summers is a surprising romantic novel. Its description calls it a “contemporary erotic romance with light BDSM.” Which it is. It is also well written and much more insightful about love and relationships than most romance novels, certainly more so than most in the “erotic/alpha male/bdsm” category.  The author, Sophia Scarlet, explores the relationship between loss and the need for emotional control and the larger issue of how much control we must give up in order to be in a romantic relationship. In one sense, the BDSM aspect of this novel is used as a metaphor for other forms of control.

On another level, there is explicit sex in a Story of Summers, as well as the accepted formula for romance novels: 2 people want to be together but there is an obstacle. But author Sophia Scarlet uses this convention in a more interesting and three dimensional way than most, creating a book about love and sex and also about the emotional complications of both. Rose_Petals_by_Halo_Junky



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