Featured Book – The Vanishing by David J. Delaney

the vanishing by david j delaneyAbout The Vanishing

New Thriller Novel from Author David J Delaney. Grab a copy now for only 99c.

Detective Dean Cornell is investigating the murder of a young woman when he and his partner stumble across a second brutal murder. Hunting for the killer through the streets of Sydney he discovers another young girl has vanished, leaving a distraught father holding onto whatever hope he can.

Dean and the detectives of Sydney homicide desperately try to unfold the mystery of the dead and the missing.
Can they find the killer before another life is lost?

the vanishing99¢ on Amazon  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Reviews of The Vanishing

“David J Delaney mixes suspense and emotion to put you on the edge of your seat. You’ll have a blast reading his books.”
J. Thorn, author of The Portal Arcane trilogy

“Good luck putting down one of David’s books. He’ll have you biting your nails and turning pages for hours.”
Zach Bohannon, Amazon Top 100 Author of the Empty Bodies series

“If you like suspense or detectives who go beyond their badge to show up as real people in the books you read, you’ll enjoy this one. I’m looking forward to the second in the series already…” Amazon Reader

Meet The Author

David J. Delaney

71V5bd3qNeL._UX250_“If a story causes you to feel any one of the myriad of emotions we all possess as human beings then I’ve done my job as a writer.I’m an Irishman hailing from Dublin but now living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve come to meet people from all over the globe. I love listening and learning about others. We’ve all got a story to tell whether we write it down or not.”


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