Click.Date.Repeat. by K.J. Farnham

A Delightful Look at Online Romance, Circa 2003

click date artBased on the author’s real-life experiences with online dating (through which she met her husband) Click. Date. Repeat. is a look at internet dating in its early days – 2003. The novel opens with the text of Chloe’s online profile and moves swiftly from there. It follows Chloe, a teacher in her mid-twenties living in the Midwest, who is certain that she can use a system to find the right man efficiently. With all of the men available on the internet, how can she possibly fail? Inevitably, she fails. Men do not live up to her expectations, she doesn’t live up to theirs and some dates who seemed perfect online turn out to be hilariously less than perfect in person.  Meanwhile, there is an ex-boyfriend who is making himself available and, as the story progresses and Chloe’s dating experiences go from bad to worse, he becomes more and more of a temptation.

Though the focus is online dating, the story highlights the problems of any dating experience – awkward first dates, expectations not met, and the way so many of us overlook glaring issues with the people we’re dating, in the interest of “making it work.”

Farnham has created a funny and charming look at relationships that rings true, and even though this is a comic romantic novel, the story reveals many truths about how the need for a relationship often blinds women to their own value and the lack of value in the men they are with.  There are touching scenes as well as comic ones here, all driven by the characters, who are three dimensional and who are the real power of this novel. The character of Chloe is one that any woman who has ever wanted to fall in love will identify with – and root for.  click date repeat contemporary romance

If you are a fan of contemporary romance that is well-written, fast-paced and that makes you smile continually, you will love Click.Date.Repeat. It is impossible not to enjoy this winning romp through virtual romance, seen through the eyes of an every-woman heroine as she slogs through frog after frog on the way to finding her prince.

About the Author

100_3301A native of suburban Milwaukee, K.J. Farnham worked as a teacher for 12 years before becoming a freelance writer, in 2012. She is working on a sequel to Click Date Repeat and will publish her next novel, “Don’t Call Me Kit Kat,” in the spring of 2015.

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