Book Review – Life Hacks and How to Save Money Tips

Self help and life hacks book reviewFour Short Guides to Saving Money

Anyone who doesn’t have endless disposable income is looking for how to save money tips and life hacks. These short guides actually teach you how.

Self Help books come in a seemingly endless array of categories: relationships, spirituality, self-esteem. But the category of short, practical self help guides, especially those that promise unique tips on how to save money, has grown exponentially in recent years.  With the popularity of self publishing, just about anyone with a penchant for penny pinching can put together a guide, and there are literally thousands of them for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For readers looking for concrete suggestions on money saving, it can be hard to distinguish the truly useful how-to guides from the ones that point out the obvious or suggest impractical solutions.  Below are 4 short money saving life hack books that actually provide valuable, money-saving advice.

Rich Life Skinny Wallet by Erin Frey – Kindle Price: $2.99

How to Save Money Tips Book Skinny WalletThis guide promises to help you live well without having a great deal of disposable income. The author groups each tip or hack based on how much effort each requires: Easy, “It’s a Chore” (require moderate effort), and “Superman of Savings” (more effort but greater savings/earnings). Included are tricks in all realms of life: from the best reusable coffee pods, coupons, when to be loyal to a brand and when switching brands saves money, and the right mindset for saving money at the grocery store.  Also included are several apps and programs that reward customers or let you earn money by rating shopping experiences. The suggestions are all gleaned from the experience of the author and are therefore practical for real world use. All are fairly simple, so much so that you may find yourself wondering “why didn’t I think of that?”

The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide by James Zeller – Kindle Price: $.99

How to Save Money Tips Book Travel Hacking Pocket GuideA guide to traveling for less money, with an emphasis on saving money on airline travel. This succinct guide teaches you ways to use airline miles, how to accumulate more airline miles, and how to find the best prices on airfare. The author advocates the use of credit cards that accrue airline miles, but outlines ways to make sure you’re not paying more in interest than you’re getting in free travel. Also covered are how to pick the most rewarding airline loyalty programs and how to change your spending habits to accumulate airline miles.  The guide is a useful addition to any frequent traveler’s virtual bookshelf, though its hacks primarily apply to travelers based in the United States.

DIY Projects: 26 Extraordinary Tips and Suggestions on How to Improve Your Home and Save Money Doing It by Alexander Taylor – Kindle Price: $2.99

How to Save Money Tips Book DIY ProjectsCovers simple home maintenance and DIY projects that help save money on home expenses, shopping and monthly bills. Categories include: household, cleaning and organization, parenting, crafts, beauty, and fitness. Each chapter is written in succinct and no-nonsense “how-to” language that makes the projects and suggestions easy to understand. Included are 26 easy to moderate  projects that can save time and money and help you avoid having to call a contractor.


Frugal Living: Make More Money by Spending Less by Kevin C. Hill – Kindle Price: $2.99

How to Save Money Tips Book Frugal LivingThe emphasis here is on budgeting and not being wasteful. The author outlines ways of saving money by living frugally, and then putting the money you save to good use. Budgeting, changing your mindset about money and paying for quality are all covered, as are interest rates, how to save on daily purchases, saving on heating and cooling costs by changing thermostats and when to spend money to save money in the long run.




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