Book Feature – Idealism is an Attractive Flower

Idealism is a Lovely Flower Book Review (1)Mixed Media Book of Poetry Makes the Genre More Accessible

Idealism is an Attractive Flower by Oneida Morningstar Cramer uses original poems and original photographs to create a unique book of mixed media poetry. Each page features a short poem and a photographic image that interact and complement each other. Some of the images suggest the same theme as the poem, others present a different perspective on the words. As the author puts it, the book uses photography “as a trampoline, so to say, bouncing elements of fantasy, bouncing elements of language, as if to add touches of computer paint, harmonizing and juxtaposing the poetic and photographic languages…”

For those who are intimidated by poetry or who have preconceived ideas about the genre, the combination of short poems and images may be less threatening or laden with cultural meaning and therefore present an introduction to enjoying poems. Though sales of books of poetry remain notoriously low (sales dropped by almost 50% in the last 5 years) the genre, reinvented, is experiencing a revival. Poetry slams, sharing of poems on social media, and even internet memes show that people still love poetry, even if they are not buying it in single-author book form. By combining thought-provoking verse and lovely photos, Idealism is an Attractive Flower may represent the next step in poetry’s ongoing reinvention: the visual poem.



Images from The Book:

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