Featured Book – Ascendance by C. Jones

Ascendance by C. Jones HeaderNew Horror Tale Ascendance is Based on Real Events.

Ten year old Landon Gasby is a tortured young boy who has been abused and neglected since birth. The abuse escalates until one night, in a fit of rage, he is brutally murdered by his sadistic parents. Landon hopes to finally be with God but instead becomes trapped between heaven and hell. In order to save his soul he must face the demons of his past and find a way to let go of the hatred he feels towards his killers.
Facing demons means facing the truth about his short, tortured life. As he struggles toward enlightenment, he learns what the truth about his abuse and discovers the dark secrets of his parents’ pasts.

Learning the truth about his past and his parents’ secrets will help the child save his soul, but he is unaware that The Dark One is leading him on his journey of self discovery. The Dark One has plans for young Landon’s soul, and he waits patiently,  hoping to deceive Landon into making a decision that will  destroy the child’s soul — and destroy all of humanity.

Ascendence is a dark and disturbing horror story in the tradition of Stephen King and V.C. Andrews. It employs the traditional good versus evil storyline in an interesting and compelling way: with a totally innocent young boy, tormented by his parents’ demons and, ultimately, by a demon of his own. Beyond the scares, though, Ascendence is also a morality tale about the necessity of forgiveness and the salvation that can be found in letting go of hurt, anger and the impulse for revenge.  Lovers of horror, especially those who prefer their horror with a message of hope amidst the darkness, will find this new novel haunting and affecting.

Ascendance will be released on February 14, 2015, but can be pre-ordered today.

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About the Author

As a lifelong fan of classic horror, C Jones always wanted to write stories that disturb and strike terror. C Jones author of Ascendance
“While writing novels I sometimes have to take breaks because sometimes I can’t handle what comes out of my mind and flows into the stories I write. Everyone enjoys visiting the disturbing and dark sides of themselves. The only difference between myself and others is that I put on paper what’s going on in my head through my novels instead of keeping them locked away in my mind.”

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