Featured Book: “In Your Sights” by Elizabeth Krall

New Book Adds a Cyber Element to the World of Psychological Thrillers

Featured Book on Readers Writers Journal In Your Sights by Elizabeth Krall

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In the first of the Sydney Triptych series of suspense novels, “In Your Sights,” author Elizabeth Krall skillfully crafts a tale of growing foreboding and outright fear, as a seemingly meaningless post on a website turns into something far more sinister.  Caroline is still reeling from the mysterious death of her husband when she makes a startling discovery: a photograph of herself, posted on a  website. The purpose and meaning of the post are murky and she brushes it off as she embarks on an affair with a colleague.  Soon, however, as a series of rapes occur across the Australian city of Sydney, new images of  Caroline begin to appear on the site. And Caroline begins to wonder if the photos have a hidden, darker meaning.

About the Author

Elizabeth KrallElizabeth Krall is the author of  In Your Sights, and of the contemporary romance novels Too Close and Ship to Shore. She is also the Holiday Romances series of short stories. Born in Canada, Krall lived in London and now makes her home in Australia.

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