Featured Book: You Are Not Alone, Stories from the front lines of womanhood

An Autobiography in Ten Voices

You are not alone Leah CareyOn May 24, 2014, Twitter exploded with stories of women’s experiences of harassment and assault in their daily lives using the hashtag #YesAllWomen.

With the Twitter conversation as inspiration, 10 women came together to share their stories with each other and the world. They dug within themselves to find wisdom…but they also revealed their own inner conflict about their experiences and their views of the world. They were willing to be vulnerable and admit not only how they have been hurt, but also how they have hurt others.Almost every woman knows the experience of feeling unsafe, whether it’s on the street, in her office, or even in her home. In the summer of 2014, ten women from around the world came together to tell stories of womanhood – both about harassment and assault, but also about their hopes and vision for a healthier future. This book is their treatise to the world: We are women, and we matter.

Buy on Amazon (1)This book speaks to both genders. For women, the stories demonstrate that no matter what you’ve experienced, you are not alone. The stories will help men to understand what the women in their lives are experiencing and how they can participate in ending gender violence.  It is a reminder of the importance of practicing respect in all our encounters.

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About the Author

Leah Carey author of you are not aloneLeah Carey has been published in books, magazines, medical journals, and on many internet sites on a variety of self-empowerment and personal development topics. She also speaks frequently at groups and conferences on similar subjects.

Leah is a journalist for a daily newspaper that covers 50 communities in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. She is also a workshop leader, author, speaker, and life coach.

Far from being born a natural optimist, Leah has spent time in the trenches. For over two decades she struggled with chronic depression, believing that no matter how hard she worked or how much she accomplished, she was never good enough and no one could ever understand.

She now shares with audiences the answer that saved her life: sharing our stories helps us to release shame, build community, and increase effectiveness and resilience.

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Transforming Your Body Image by Leah Carey




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