Intriguing Portrait of a Beloved Literary Character

Blood, Love and Steel: A Musketeer’s Tale, by Jennifer M. Fulford: The Romantic Sequel to The Three Musketeers 

You don’t need to read “The Three Musketeers” to enjoy this first in the Musketeers Trilogy.

Buy -Blood Love and Steel- on AmazonHe who loves not is but half man. Athos, the famed Musketeer, seeks the ultimate release from heartbreak — death. Cruel memories of his first love, Milady de Winter, torture Athos to near madness. At the end of a streak of wagers to end his misery, Athos attempts a suicidal dare that gamblers in Paris, including the Musketeer, believe he cannot survive. When his plan backfires, he lands at the country château of Nicole Rieux, the pious Comtess de Rochefort. To save his reputation and please the King, he is bound by a bet to seduce her. Nicole shows compassion. She sees through his pain as she tries to forget her own. Athos must decide whether to love her and save himself from self-destruction. Only God — and her husband — may stand in the way.


Forthcoming Books in the Series:

athos and milady Athos and Milady: In the Beginning
A Romantic Prequel to The Three Musketeers
2015 Release
In the classic novel The Three Musketeers, Athos hunts his nemesis Milady de Winter. But years before his rise as a Musketeer, he falls for her enchanting charms. Her youthful beauty induces Athos into a fog of lust and lost senses. She is an extraordinary, erotic woman, a poet at heart, who beguiles him into marriage and seeks to trick him of his wealth. His world is shattered when he discovers the criminal brand on her shoulder, which represents the final evidence that Milady is nothing but a fraud.

The Last Duel 

The Last Duel: A Musketeer Story
Release Date TBA
Athos seeks to retrieve Pierre, his lover’s nephew, from the Bastille. To do so, he must navigate intrigues within the court of Queen Anne of Austria. Pierre’s path crosses with his estranged father and a friendly priest who is doomed to minister in the fields of war. But both Athos and Pierre are hunted by those seeking revenge. An underground duelling circuit winds them through the underbelly of Paris, where they fight for their most prized possessions — Athos’s new love and Pierre’s ambition.


About the Author

Jennifer FulfordLover of all things Musketeer, Jennifer Fulford watched the movie before reading the classic novel. She loved the story and decided one of the Musketeers had more life to live. So, she jumped from journalism to fiction and learned the craft as she went. She loves handwritten letters and never throws away cards from friends. She is fond of the Pacific Northwest, the Smoky Mountains, and a good bottle of gin. If she had time, she’d learn to fence.

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