“Test Of The Heart: Tragedy Brought Them Closer ” by Julia Katz

Contemporary Romance About the Power of Love

Test of the Heart by Julia Katz on AmazonJulia Katz’s “Test of the Heart” is a very real story about the complications of long-term relationships and the obstacles that couples in love face. It is also the moving story of how a family deals with various losses – the loss of a son and the possible loss of a marriage.

When Andrea’s son drowns in the family swimming pool, the stresses present in her family relationships come to a head, particularly the contentious relationship she has with her mother-in-law, Gabriella.  Andrea’s husband, Matt, is very much in love with his wife but also very much under the control of his mother.  As the tragedy of a child’s death hits Andrea, she begins to reassess her relationship with her husband…and question its value.

“Test of the Heart” is ultimately a reaffirmation of the power of ldownload test nowove, even in the face of unspeakable pain and loss.  Though it is romantic and even erotic, its real message is about the power of love to overcome any obstacle and pull us through any challenge.  Well written and engaging, with characters that are multi-layered and realistic and who are struggling with real-life issues, this is a book that will appeal to fans of contemporary romance fiction that features strong characters and a genuine look at a passionate relationship between 2 people.


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