“Baggy Pants Weight Loss System: How Busy People Are Shedding Pounds” by Brian Dunn

A Realistic Diet Plan for Busy People

Baggy Pants Weight Loss System on AmazonA diet guide designed with busy people in mind, this is a step by step plan to lose weight that does not require a great deal of time to do.  It is a science-based plan for quick weight loss that also helps you build healthier long term eating habits.

The author first helps you create a plan that is built around your personal needs and schedule, and then walks you through the process of implementing that plan.  The emphasis is on small, doable, measureable steps as opposed to major, life-changing overhauls, which often sound good in theory but are nearly impossible to implement in real life. Once you have created your plan and have begun to implement it, there is support and information on how to measure your progress, how to add exercise to augment your program and how to make long-term changes that help keep the weight off.

There are thousands of diet plans on the market, and many of them are effective for those willing to spend hours on dieting. This is an extremely realistic plan that takes into account that most people do not have hours a week to spend on figuring out what to eat. It is designed to be easy to use and, therefore, to be easy to keep to long term. This is a truly unique and innovative approach to weight loss for real, busy people that will be of benefit to anyone searching for a real life solution to the problem of losing weight.

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 About the Author

Brian DunnBrian Dunn‘s literary debut was the Baggy Pants Weight Loss System. This innovative, doctor-approved approach to weight loss offers a fresh new perspective by bringing 3 different worlds together – scientific research, real world fitness, and, interestingly, project management – in order to create a simple, step-by-step approach to losing weight. His passion for the subject shows in the book, where he maps out a virtual blueprint to weight loss based on how he personally lost dozens of pounds without exercise. He created DunnFit in order to help others achieve the same success.

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