“Another Cinderella Story ” by Magus Tor and Carrie Lynn Weniger

A Fairytale Re-told, With an LGBT Twist

Another Cinderella Story on Amazon

The second in the “True Love Comedy” book series.

A retelling of a familiar fairytale, with a LGBT twist.  This is a charming, inventive and engaging book that is filled with humor and affection for the original Cinderella story.

Insecure Cindy has had self-image problems since childhood.  Things are finally looking up when she lands her dream job as in-house counsel at Storyteller Cosmetics right after law school.  When she is wooed by the desirable Tom Cooper, Deputy CEO and son of the company’s CEO, she thinks her life is about to completely turn around.  But she finds herself wavering and struggling with doubts.  “How can he love me when I don’t even love myself?” Cindy has a secret…one that she believes she can never share with anyone, least of all Tom.  It is this secret that is at the root of her self-confidence issues, and one she believes will destroy her if it ever becomes public.

Doubts and half-truths complicate the budding romance between Cindy and Tom and, as the story progresses the complications become more humorous and touching. Ultimately, though, this is a love story about acceptance of self and others. Full of unexpected twists and turns, “Another Cinderella Story” is a thoroughly engaging tale of love’s obstacles, told in a thoroughly modern way.

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 MTAbout the Authors

Born and raised in Singapore, Magus Tor is a Freelance Medical Doctor (M.D.) by day, and a witty, thought provoking writer and game designer by night. He is the author of several novels, including  “Life Bank,” “The Phantom of Misery Sea,” and “Dream Killing.”

clwCarrie Lynn Weniger is originally from Chicago and currently lives in Arizona. A stay-at-home mother of four and office worker, Weniger decided to follow her dream of writing professionally. She is inspired by authors Dean Koontz and John Saul.

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Connect With the Authors

Magus Tor Author Page // Carrie Lynn Weniger Author Page // Facebook // Website


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