“The Yoga of Cleaning” by Jennifer Carter Avgerinos

Cultivating a Sacred Space in Your Home

The Yoga of Cleaning by Jennifer Carter Avgerinos on AmazonAn introduction to yoga, yogic texts and the spiritual foundations of the practice of yoga, as well as a guide to bringing the practices of yoga into the real world.  In this case, into the real world task of cleaning.

The two do not seem immediately to have anything to do with one another, but anyone who finds cleaning an odious task or anyone who has benefited from yoga classes, or is curious about yoga can benefit from this unique guide. It will change your thinking about both yoga and cleaning.  And about the concept of home and your space.  It not only explains how the sometimes abstract concepts in yoga can be applied in a concrete way, it explains how chakras relate to your home and how to use Ayurveda to create a scared space. It also goes into detail about Vastu, which is the Indian equivalent of Feng Shui and actually predates Feng Shui.  The book presents the act of cleaning using yogic principles in a whole new light: as an act of self-care and a way to make your home space into a more balanced oasis that is a source of comfort and healing.

A unique book that is more self-help and spiritual guide than a mundane look at cleaning.  Surprising, thought-provoking and valuable, “The Yoga of Cleaning” will help you change your mindset about home, spirituality and recreating your home.

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 About the Author

Jennifer Carter AvgerinosJennifer Carter Avgerinos is a creative and passionate writer and marketer of products, brands and technologies that help people to live more fulfilled lives. She has worked in consumer packaged cleaning tools for the last 7 years and for many years in the fashion industry prior to that.
Jen is a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching in Connecticut for the last three years. She studied hatha yoga and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. Jen is also a certified prenatal/postnatal and kids yoga teacher. She has taught hundreds of classes and workshops and publishes a blog @ www.adore-yoga.com. She lives in Connecticut with her husband Paul.

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