“Old Friends Are Hard to Kill” by Gary Towner

Spy Versus Spy in a New Psychological Thriller

Old Friends are Hard to Kill by Gary Towner on AmazonThe fourth novel in the Johnny Walker Series by Gary Towner.

When an American CIA agent is ordered to terminate a fellow agent who has gone rogue, he is devastated to learn that the fellow agent he must kill his mark is his best friend. Though conflicted, the agent decides he must follow orders and kills the rogue agent. The aftermath of that decision, however, leaves him emotionally conflicted and looking for solace and emotional relief in alcohol.

But what if he hasn’t actually killed his old friend? News reaches him that the man he thought he had killed may, in fact, still be alive. There are reports of a ruthless rebel leader in Guatemala who leaves a bloody trail behind him and operates just like the supposedly dead agent. When they finally reunite, it’s a fight to the death.

A taut, exciting and absorbing psychological thriller that exposes the inner working of the CIA and the inner working of one agent’s conscience. Fans of spy fiction will be electrified by this study of inner torment, spies and a final battle to the death between two veteran secret agents.


 About the Author

Gary TownerGary Towner started his writing career with a creative writing class at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and has since published a number of adventure novels.  He  studied under mentors John Tigges, Carolyn Banks, and many others. His greatest influence as a writer is the Allan Quartermain series by Henry Rider Haggard.

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Connect With the Author

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