“The Savvy Woman’s Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man” by Ellen Ames

Get Smart, Get Strong and Get on With Your Life

The Savvy Woman's Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Manby Ellen Ames on Amazon “The Savvy Woman’s Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man” is a comprehensive guide that provides all of the tools any woman needs to find out whether her man is cheating, as well as the tools she needs to recover emotionally and move on to a happier life. From statistics on infidelity to how to read body language to determine if your mate is lying, to computer spyware, to ways to recover from the betrayal, author Ellen Ames has covered all the bases.

Written in a supportive but no-nonsense tone, reading this book is almost like having a best friend to tell you how to proceed if you think the man in your life is being unfaithful.  The focus here is not simply on getting the truth, it is also on preparing yourself for finding out the worst and what to do after you’ve uncovered infidelity. Topics covered include: psychological secrets to get the truth fast, spyware gadgets that may aid in your investigation, how to use computer technology to uncover cheating, confronting a cheating man safely, deciding whether to leave after infidelity has been discovered, how to repair a relationship after cheating and ways to care for your own emotional health after the devastation of unfaithfulness.  Also included are case studies and anecdotes about how other women have dealt with cheating men, and insights into how to create new relationships that don’t involve infidelity.

Women caught in the cycle of unfaithful relationships are often confused and in so much pain that they find it hard to make a decision or see the facts clearly. “The Savvy Woman’s Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man” helps you focus and use your rational mind to discover the truth, decide what to do about it and heal.


 About the Author

Ellen AmesEllen Ames is a writer at heart and a paralegal at work. Inspired by the incredible things people can do with the right information and resources, her work focuses on sharing information that empowers readers to happily and successfully navigate life.

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