“Emotional Recovery from an Affair” by Richard Schwindt

Recovery From an Affair on AmazonHelp for Relationships Impacted by Infidelity

Many couples feel that an affair is the end of a marriage or committed relationship.  That trust can never be repaired and anger can never subside enough to make the relationship viable again. For some couples, that may be the case.  But for those who are committed to trying to come back from an affair, this book provides valuable insight and teaches couples how to start the process of healing.

Written by a therapist but in a style that anyone can understand, the author walks, step-by-step through the affair process: why it is so damaging, what immediate steps to take to protect your physical health and emotions during the immediate aftermath, and how to find professional help for the relationship.  Also covered are the emotions and phases following an affair that both parties will probably go through, how and when to share information outside the relationship, how to deal with an affair if you have children, and personal stories of healing from an affair. The final portion of the book provides a wealth of resources for couples: books on affairs but also on making relationships in general work.

Anyone who is in an “emergency” situation following an affair can benefit from this book.  Even those who do not plan to continue the relationship will find valuable help, compassion and advice on how to pick up the pieces after the devastation that an affair can bring to a monogamous relationship.

About the Author

Author Richard SchwindtRichard Schwindt is a therapist, hypnotherapist and writer in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In addition to “Emotional Recovery from an Affair” he is the author of 2 books on workplace bullying, 2 romantic fantasy novellas and a series of 4 mysteries set in a remote town in Northern Ontario. 

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